Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Blue Ocean Strategy : Human Values & Excellence (Part 1)

Credits & Note: This argument is an attempt to extrapolate the concept presented in Blue Ocean Strategy by W. Chan Kim and Renée Mauborgne. In my attempt, I wish to draw a possible explanation and method to seek a better understanding of human emotions and thus excellence in handling relationships. My argument will be presented as a collection of three blog-posts, this being the first of them.

Before I proceed, allow me to present my reasons to justify why such an extrapolation is justified. The reason is based on my belief that the sequence of influence and repercussion of emotions on our actions, if computed by means of suitable indicators, can be effectively studied and analyzed. Nature is an interlinked space with each thread showing us a method to understand itself and beyond. One such analogy, to compare our maturity levels with the help of indicators from study of linguistics was presented here. Here, I attempt to present my approach to draw an analogous similarity between blue ocean strategy for businesses and a possible strategy to understand human values and better handle relationships. 

I begin with stating my hypothesis for the argument, 'Among individuals, the respect to other people's emotions is the only solution for inner peace.' Most of us, who are focused on continuous improvement (Self), instead of on continuous redefinition of our approach towards others, and search for blue ocean run the risk of being the best as we are, yet become irrelevant to the world. And the most interesting observation, is that most of us, no matter how evolved we are in our abilities to understand emotions, are immune to this. be continued.

With a hope: Life around me has breathed easier because I have lived....I live, with my inner peace.
                                                    - Abhijith Jayanthi

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Awaaz Do!

All children 6 to 14 years old have the right to free and quality education under the recently passed Right to Education Act.The RTE Act specifies minimum norms in government schools. It requires all private schools to reserve 25% of seats for children from poor families (to be reimbursed by the state as part of the public-private partnership plan).

The Act also provides that no child shall be held back, expelled, or required to pass a board examination until the completion of elementary education. There is also a provision for special training of school drop-outs to bring them up to par with students of the same age.

The RTE Act is the first legislation in the world that puts the responsibility of ensuring enrolment, attendance and completion on the Government.The Right to Education of persons with disabilities until 18 years of age has also been made a fundamental right. A number of other provisions regarding improvement of school infrastructure, teacher-student ratio and faculty are made in the Act.

To make the Right to Education Act successful, it is important that each one of us knows about it so that every child who is not in school can be sent back for free and quality education.

The time is NOW! Make a difference.

Stand up and make some noise! Join the Awaaz Do movement by signing up now for India's children. Ask your friends to be a part of getting every single boy and girl into school. Do it now for India's future.

Come forward and donate to UNICEF to help change 8 million lives.

Spread the word to your family and friends. You can SMS, e-mail, share or just talk to them and ask them to speak up and raise their voice for children. One voice makes a difference but together we can help change the fate of 8 million children. The time to begin is NOW!

Find a school near you and make a visit. Check if the school has:

• Separate toilets for boys and girls.
• Drinking water and places for students to wash their hands with soap.
• Playgrounds for playing sports and having fun.
• A school library for students and their teachers.
• Mid-day meals for children.

You can meet the school head, teachers, community members and even the parents of children enrolled there and talk to them about the RTE Act. Let them know about the highlights and let them know how every child can benefit.

Awaaz Do!

Copyright Note: This Blog Post contains information to create awareness regarding Awaaz Do Campaign of UNICEF. UNICEF reserves all copyrights on the material including the photograph and graphic design.

Thursday, December 09, 2010

Answers from Nature

During the spring few months ago, I was particularly thrilled when I went for a stroll  in the park to see small new shoots popping up from the soft damp earth and new tiny buds opening on the trees. Actually, I love tuning into nature. It fills me with excitement and makes me feel more vibrant and alive. And becoming more aware of the earth and its rhythms is something I strongly recommend, especially given that we live in a world with so many distractions. It can be easy to forget we are part of a larger living thing that is called Mother teacher. 

Any time of the year is a perfect time to really get out of doors somewhere in a natural setting for an invigorating walk. And when you do, keep all of your senses open. You'll probably be surprised at how loud the bird chirping becomes, especially in the absence of loud, distracting noises like roaring motors, screeching sirens and honking horn and blaring radios. You may be especially aware of the warmth of the sun, or if it's a cloudy day, the depth of the colors all around you. When you breathe in this fresh air, chances are that you will experience a plethora of smells – damp plants, soft earth, tiny wildflowers and more. And be sure to be watchful of life during your walk. If you are lucky, you may spot something really special. These happenstance encounters with life around you will provide answers you always sought. 

As winter is awakening in all of its glory now, I feel the buzz of the life force humming all around me. As I sat in the park, greeted by warm sunshine and cool breeze, surrounded by green and thriving plants and their luscious aromas, I was introduced to a new understanding of self. After years of following nature's rhythms around me, I can easily visualize how me...myself was transformed and have come to become myself now.

I was at a constant battle with two methods throughout my life. One to seek for myself, and the other to be,  for others in my life. Most of the issues I had to address, and situations I was in, came down to picking either one of the above mentioned methods for a solution. I was always occupied in picking one of the two, which will suit best, rather than attempting to integrate both the methods. Marvelous are the ways of nature, I learnt an important lesson. Love and understanding for self should be a sweet compromise, not a painful surrender for the sake of others.It is possible to integrate these two methods, to find yourself in the joy of others. 

Tuning into mother nature on a regular basis will help you to feel more alive and more connected to the earth and the other living creatures on it. It is definitely my prescription for heading on the right track. I found my answer..and so will you! 

- abhijith 

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Unresolved Emotions

When we are to live through an unresolved emotion, life becomes rather chaotic.Our regular routines are disrupted by recollection of memories...bringing back images...of living these memories, more often than  during usual times. It becomes important with all of this extra hoopla and frenetic activity,  that we learn to keep the peace within ourselves.

I just want to clarify, that being at peace and being happy aren't necessarily the same thing. There is a definite difference between our feelings and the state of our inner being. The state of inner being is what helps us maneuver through life in a calmer and more peaceful way, regardless of what may be happening around us and/or how we feel about it.

Experiencing inner peace comes from practicing the art of letting go. When we hold onto feelings and situations, reliving them over and over in our minds and feeling the feelings again and again we keep ourselves in a state of inner turmoil, even when some of the situations and feelings are happy ones. So how do we get to a place where we can achieve inner calm? It is actually through our ability to acknowledge our feelings about the things that happen to us and around us and then we can let them go.

This may sound strange, but in actuality nothing ever stays the same. No matter how happy or sad we may feel in any given moment, no matter what may be going on in our lives, it will always change. So hanging onto resentments, fear, and anger or trying to hold fast to feelings of happiness and joy actually keeps us in a state of inner turmoil. Acknowledging our feelings and then allowing them to flow into our past frees us to live in peace. This is the art of letting go.

I wish to share an exercise with you in the event you would like to try this. The next time you find yourself in the midst of turmoil, find a quiet spot and close your eyes and breathe slow deep breaths, for just a few minutes. Allow any feeling that comes up to wash over you and then flow away. Then take a really deep cleansing breath and return to your day. Do this as often as you need to and you will discover that you can do it faster and more easily each time.

Inner peace is the key to living a better, more fruitful and comfortable life. If you practice the art of letting go, over time you will find yourself doing it quite naturally. You will discover that there are times when you become consistently peaceful from within and don't even have to pick up and feel feelings before you let them go.

I sit here...with an unresolved emotion...seeking answers to fill my empty heart with hope, to seek inner peace. And so can you!

- Abhijith Jayanthi - Goa - 27th Nov 2010

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Our Youth...

Life is a collection of shades, we progress as we move along. The term 'Youth' portrays a confusing shade. It speaks of both the needed energy, and priority in approach at the same time. Nevertheless, it is the shade which each of us wish to remain with. The legend of Ponce de Leon, the Spanish explorer  speaks of  how he was supposedly looking for the fountain of youth and discovered Florida instead. Well, he certainly wasn't the first person to be lured by a dream of eternal youth.  There are numerous stories about powerful figures in history such as Alexander the Great and Cleopatra who also sought to hold onto their beauty and vitality. And the search for youth continues.  All you have to do is to turn on the television or open a beauty magazine to find advertisements for miracle hair tonics, wrinkle cures, stomach flatteners, etc.  It seems we are still looking for a fountain of youth, but this time it is through creams or supplements or health regimens that make extravagant, unproven claims.  However, I don't think that is the right way to stay young.
It is more about growing from within that is needed, we need to connect with nature. Staying physically fit is important, but so also is keeping mentally and emotionally fit.  We need to handle stress well and need to let go of our worries at the end of each day.  Each of us, have our difficult or challenging experiences, but it is our positive response to these difficulties and challenges that enable us to carry on.

So there may be a fountain of youth after all, but not exactly as we envisioned it.  As the "ageless" Sophia Loren has said, "There is a fountain of youth: it is your mind, your talents, the creativity you bring to your life and the lives of people you love.  When you learn to tap this source, you will truly have defeated age."

Now that's a fountain I think we can all dip into....


Monday, November 15, 2010

Desperation Cottage

Every day, there are things in our lives that we dismiss as luck or chance or simply take for granted.  Certainly there are times when events throw us completely off balance or make us feel vulnerable or afraid.  But I think that most of the time we are so involved with our daily routine to be successful, whether it be with work, errands, chores and the like, that we forget to notice the things around us that make our lives better.

The truth is that, no matter what is going on in our lives, there are no ordinary moments, no minutes or seconds that are meaningless.  And most of all, we will never get back those moments that pass without recognition.  So, that is why it makes sense to look for and acknowledge the daily gifts that come from the universe.

In our everyday struggle to define happiness.. a happy future for ourselves, we are missing a basic requisite for our struggle.. to be happy. We fail to notice everyday events in our lives. At first glance these things may seem rather unimportant, but when I think about what life might be like without them, I appreciate them all the more, and the bigger and more wonderful they seem to be.  And if you think about it, you may agree that the little things are what either drive us crazy or make us happy.  So, the little things in life really are important, even if they may not seem to be at the time.
For me, the best thing about recognizing such moments is that when I pay attention and open myself up to them, I notice them all the more and feel like I may even attract more of them my way.  The end result is that I am happier and more content with my life and consider each day different in its own way. I am happy now... and I be happy in the future.
Little miracles happen every day.  Flowers bloom, babies are born, the sunshine warms our skin and we get to be a living, breathing part of the living, breathing universe.  I hope you will take the time to recognize the warm, special moments that make you feel good about yourself and the world around you. It is time for you to come out of the desperation seek happiness, and notice that happiness is around us.. here and now!  Live the moment!


Dated: July 2009, written to a friend of mine.

Saturday, November 06, 2010


As I look out at the misty weather and see the leaves coloring the branches while the drizzle glues the fallen leaves to the ground, it is clear that we are in the middle of the fall season and frigid winter days are soon to come. In spring, we see the buds popping open on the trees and new plants push their way up through the soil to enjoy the sun's fresh kiss. The fall is just the opposite. It is a time of retreat from the growth cycle.

Some people experience sadness with the changing of the summer season to fall, but I think it is a wonderful thing. The shifting seasons bring us variety and provide us with the changing backdrop for our lives. The autumn has its own kind of charm. It marks the harvest of the spring and summer seasons and it brings a rich palate of various shades of orange, red, yellow and brown to the terrain. These elements are reminders that we are of the earth, and it is through the earth that we receive sustenance.

Fall is the time to pull out your favorite scarves and wool jumpers as you make the transition to a warmer wardrobe. Head for the park where you can enjoy the crispness of the air, the smell of the earth, the beautiful colors of the fall leaves and the fall chrysanthemums.

Every season has its own charm, likewise every phase in our life has its own charm...we will have to learn the beauty of it and enjoy the warmth!

Place: Oslo, Norway
Dated: 8th July 2007

Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Confused Reflections

Posted: Today
Recipient: Me...

Today, I want to write about transforming what we view as failed experiences into valuable fodder for our future success. Naturally, it is never pleasant to experience failure, but that does not make it a bad thing. As hard as it may seem to believe, there are benefits to experiencing failure. We can learn valuable lessons from these experiences that can benefit us in the end.

It is important for us to look at our life situations from different angles, by finding opportunities and learning lessons when things don't come out as planned. I wish to elaborate on this point, by narrating a short story.  

"...her hope was to become a fantasy novelist, but that dream was compromised when every agent and publishing house she contacted rejected her first novel. When I first met her, she was in a frustrated and dejected place. So, my advice to her was to keep trying and to also explore other ways to utilize her writing talents.

She decided, she needed to take a break from focusing on her novel, so she put it away and began volunteering at a local children's hospital. She became a storyteller and made up all kinds of fantastic adventures to entertain the kids in the children's ward. She was well received as a storyteller and was soon writing her stories down to share at other local hospitals.

Interestingly, this gave way to a very promising career in the area of writing and publishing. She became a very fulfilled and successful children's author and is now very happy that she "failed" at writing fantasy novels. Her story is proof that not only can failed experiences encourage us to be more flexible and determined, but that they can also point us in the perfect direction..."

I hope this story will remain with you so that the next time you feel yourself struggling with the idea of "failure," you will think differently about it. When you open yourself up to the gifts the universe brings, you can find amazing opportunities. Give yourself a pat on the back for moving along the right path to success and keep  moving on until you get it right. Reflection is a transformation of what is...into what it is truly meant to be...I understood my reflection...


Monday, November 01, 2010

I'm Nice...not Dumb

When we encounter someone new, we quickly seek answers to two questions rooted in the evolutionary need to make correct decisions: What are this person's intentions towards me? and is this person capable of being true and act on these intentions? 

Because we lack the brainpower to weight someone's true merits quickly, we seize on our sometimes mistaken answers to these questions and rate the person high or low on imaginary scales of intention and capability. Moreover, intention and capability assessments influence how we intend to interact with others. We like to assist people we consider to be warm (intention) and avoid people who we see as not being warm. We desire to associate with people we consider to be capable and ignore those whom we consider to be otherwise.

To further add to our parameters of assessment, we tend to find clues on people's race, gender, nationality, their brought-up and the social environments they were part of. Thus our decisions about whom to trust, doubt, defend against, are based on faulty data. The intention/capability approach helps us understand a lot about others. Why people disrespect the elderly while feeling positive towards them (they are seen as incapable but warm). Inaccurate intention-capability judgments can lead us to trust untrustworthy associates or undervalue potentially important connections.

It is particularly interesting to note that we can observe a gender polarity to this trend. Men normally  attach more value to capability component of the judgment while women value the warmth (intention) component. More so, the way we see others is a reflection of how we ourselves. Men normally tend to understand themselves and others by their capability to be true to the intention/emotion, while  'warmth' component comes second. While women normally tend to value 'warmth' more, thus associating with people who show more concern/warmth towards them, and whether or not the other person or they themselves will remain true about intentions/emotions is always a secondary point of concern.

Friday, October 22, 2010

A Story...

".....In the ancient Tibetan tradition, a wind horse known as 'lung da', a beautiful steed was regarded as a sign of happiness and good fortune (symbolized by the jewel on its back). The image of the wind horse is used on prayer flags in households. The movement of the flag by the wind sets the horse in motion, carrying prayers for happiness and good fortune in various directions...."

"Is this story talking to me? Will this help me solve my problem? ", He thought....Events of the past few days, have taken their toll on him. Whatever he did...whatever he read, brought back her memories. He had many answers to seek.

In the heat of the moment, he felt her indifference was a sign of a battle with her that he needed to win. He was carried away in figuring out how to put the blame on her for things that went wrong. She did not love him anymore. Her ambitions and impressions of life were different. She did not like someone bursting her bubble of  artificial truth.

It is important to realize that we create our storm, and our sunshine. Love is what remains after beauty has passed. Love is not the same as admiration. Love is growth, love is evolution, love is a lesson, love is in allowing and is in granting others to be...what they wish to be... 

He closed his eyes, he wanted to push her memories away. It was hard to separate himself from her thoughts. They were united into a single dance together forever. Life gave him a chance to seek his companion, and to push her away...will only hurt him. Was there any love left? Is this a story of love?           
Therefore, it shall a story, a story to live with...without any love in it.                    
"Therefore shall a man leave his father and his mother, and shall cleave unto his wife: and they shall be one flesh."  - Genesis 2:24

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Am I a Bad Person?

Life is a mixed bag. It brings us joy, contentment, happiness, love, friendship...sorrow, deceit, hatred, fear, grief. Living our life regularly, most of us are afraid to accept our feelings and thoughts. We fear to ask ourselves the question, " Am I a bad person ? " And on this subject I wish to talk about in my post.
This question  is particularly important to understand how sensitive  we have come to become about ourselves and everyday happenings around us. Besides, I think I am right in saying that our feelings and our emotions have been sorely understood by us. Each of us have gone through a period of doubt. It is during such a phase  in our lives that we wish to ask ourselves this question. We begin to reason out a possible answer for the question. 
My experience: The answer I sought helped me change the way I look at life...fill it with a positive vibe...just as visions of angels show positive changes through the intervention of fortunate events....Events in our lives are mere reflections of our thoughts. We need to fight the fear within...we need to ask ourselves this one question everyday, to put ourselves on the right path...reach out to life with full enthusiasm and cherish our existence. Lets live a happy life!

Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Spiritual Inspirations : Nature

Nobody has a generic formula for happiness, at least not one that does the trick for everyone. But everyone  of us is privileged to have a common teacher: Nature. It is important to realize that each and every event in our life, is a lesson nature offers us to learn from. Hard to believe?

"How can everyday events possibly affect us? They're of no significance", my critics may roll out that argument. It is important that one needs to connect with nature to understand and explore the possibility of learning from it. Allow me to present a simple method to begin this journey...

Open your eyes on a starry night. What do you see? A vast, luminous space, full of shadows and light. Now close your eyes so tight they ache. Where are you now? What do you see? Again, a vast, luminous space, full of shadows and light. Consciousness and cosmos are structured around the same laws, follow the same patterns, and even feel pretty much the same to our senses. "As above, so below." Just as the starry night awes us with its vastness, there's something infinitely deep inside you, a place you go when you close your eyes, a place that's beyond being yourself. At the most profound level, you will begin to connect with  nature.  It describes a series of experiences which, if you're brave and open enough, will trigger certain states of consciousness in you -- states that operate like powerful spiritual catalysts, vaulting you into higher levels of being. This will help you learn who you are, by warning you about the comforting lies we all tell ourselves, and by illuminating the experiences that trigger your most explosive leaps in awareness. 

Life around us is a reflection of what we are from within. Connecting with nature will help us redefine ourselves...our lives....and thus seek happiness.

- abhijith 

Place: Marrakech, Morocco
Date: June 2007

Friday, October 01, 2010

Art of Listening

Have you ever had a conversation with someone where you realized that they were looking at you while you were talking but weren't really listening? Nobody likes that feeling, but the simple truth is that most of us are better talkers than listeners. So if we want to work on our communication skills, we can take the initiative to start with our own listening skills.
The art of listening has a lot to do with the difference between hearing what someone is saying and actually paying full attention to what they are saying. What we simply hear can very easily come in one ear and go out the other, but when we really focus on listening to what the other person is saying, something physiological happens to us. We may register that information physically, emotionally, or intellectually! That is because when that information captures our attention, we involve ourselves with the information that is being shared with us.
When someone else is talking to us, it is important not to interrupt them. It is true that we all have our stories to tell, but when we are listening to someone else talk it should be about them, not about us. So the next time you are listening and have the urge to interrupt them, take a breath and refocus your attention on the other person. You just might learn something important, and at the very least the person you are with will appreciate your attentiveness.

Being a good listener is to abstain from holding judgment. The minute our judgment kicks in, our listening usually stops. That is because it is hard to pay attention when we become preoccupied with our personal opinion over what we are hearing. Moreover, putting aside our judgment puts the other person at ease and helps them feel more comfortable and relaxed, so that they can be open and honest with us.

By becoming a good listener ourselves we set an example for those around us and create a better opportunity for ourselves to be heard. And on a side note, one of the better benefit of being a good listener is that when we apply these principles to listening to our own inner voice, we gain access to a world of wisdom all our own. Explore yourself!    

Thursday, September 30, 2010

Stolen Dreams


The First Short Film of Talking Cherry Productions

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Dignity Paradox

Last night I could barely sleep, I felt like a little kid again, filled with anticipation and expectation.  I was filled with thoughts about various episodes in my life. Two hours later, I started to appreciate my existence and opportunities thereof. Life presents each of us a breathing chance to stand up  and compete. Many a  time, I have heard people talking about how life is a compromise and that we are to make choices accordingly. I have come to believe that life is not a compromise, rather it is our dignity and our belief in the same which creates the difference.  

There is a growing concern these days to maintain vitality and enthusiasm for life. But all the multi-tasking and constant rushing about we do on a daily basis makes it difficult to keep our enthusiasm going. When you think about it, with so many balloons in the air and such high personal expectations, it is no wonder that people feel  very sympathetic to their plight, and rarely understand the role of dignity in our lives.

Most of us feel that budgeting of  our dignity is one way to make things better, and  needed for a better life. Rather, it is important to realize that dignity plays a defining role in our actions and accommodate it accordingly. For your life to be everything you'd like it to be, everything it should be, you must face the world with every possible strength and tool, armed with the means and the determination to succeed, blossom, triumph, and prevail... and dignity is an essential part of it to remain in your best shape everyday, for rest of your life.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Secrets of Happiness: Gratitude

Today, I wish to talk about my understanding of happiness. It is an interesting observation, to note that our gratitude level can directly affect our wealth and happiness. Now that may sound strange, but I have seen it time and time again in my life.

To begin with, I like to know how grateful would you say you are for what you are today? Before you answer this question, it is important to understand what we speak of when we talk about gratitude. The basic premise of gratitude is to acquire a more positive and receptive state of being. 

We can begin the journey by being grateful for the smaller and more immediate things like having a place to live, food to eat, and a car to get around, etc. By placing ourselves in a positive frame of mind through gratitude, we open ourselves to all the good things the universe has to offer. That is when we can actually begin to attract good things towards us. As you become more comfortable with the positive things that basic gratitude brings, you will likely find yourself feeling grateful for even bigger things like being alive, learning hard lessons, your past mistakes, the freedom to make choices in life, and more. This type of gratitude catapults you even further along the path to a successful and happy life. That's because you begin to lose your fear of change or loss and you begin to develop a deep appreciation for the exciting adventure that life truly is.Once you reach the point where you remain in a constant state of gratitude, you will become a magnet that attracts the positive things to you... the things that resonate with who you are and what you desire to do with your life.
If you are ready to enjoy more happiness and wealth, I challenge you to take some time to note those things that you are grateful for, from the smallest little gifts to the bigger ones. And may you attract the most wonderful and beneficial things into your life.

Friday, September 03, 2010

Truce with Tragedy

Certain anecdotes often influence us to  rethink our approach towards life. I believe, each action of ours results from a collection of  such experiences. Today, I wish to talk about  my experiences with the notion called 'Tragedy'. Before I proceed, I wish to impress upon the reader that I thoroughly understand and respect the belief that each of us have had our share of joys and sorrows, and there is no common scale for comparison. This post will be my honest attempt to record my experiences and my actions thereof. 

Everyone's life is similar to waves on the ocean floor, with  characteristic highs and lows, and my life is no different. I have had my share of highs and lows, today I wish to talk about my struggle during one such low-phases in my life. When I was first introduced to the situation, my view of issues had various elements to it : distortions, fixations and compulsions amongst others. I lost my hope on the future for some precious moments in life, which I cherish till date. I have noticed that our ability to think objectively will take an hit when we are going through a tragic phase. Every thought, has a previous condition to work with and build on with little possibility for  freshness in our approach. 

It is important that we clearly understand that there exists a distortion in our perception, and come over it. Our actions are influenced by the values we are attracted to and prize. Each of us, enjoy certain aptitude and ability to work with, and devise a possible remedial action to the best of our knowledge.While all of these endowments and values are present as potentialities in our core self and while we are capable of appreciating and actualizing all of them, temperamentally we favor some over others and our responses stack into a hierarchy, with one or a few being more potent than others.During such a phase, there is a possibility we feel  sorry for ourselves.It is important for us to realize pity is not what lessons of tragedy or actions bring to people, but it is a mistake that comes with such lessons. We should be able to identify it and look beyond the notion of self-pity.

It is always important to appreciate yourself and realize nothing is worth more than your free will. In short, as Friedrich Nietzsche puts it in his work The Birth of Tragedy : No price is  too high to pay for the privilege of owning yourself. I understood, nothing else weighs heavily on us, compared to confusion and loss of consciousness for our depressed soul . I negotiated a truce with tragedy...I own myself now and I am proud of it.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Voices of Fear

Note: Today, I wish to present before you, an unique observation about emotions. In this post, I shall examine how the emotion 'fear' is a driving force for various emotions. 

Fear is an interesting emotion...The more we try to understand the root cause for any emotion and actions related thereof,  fear features as one of  the influencing factors. Voices of fear from within, which  tempt us to  lie, cheat and deceive people in our lives...voices that never help us realize that a relation is a promise... a promise of trust, never to lie and be true to each other...can only be dispelled by trusting the voice that comes from the heart...voice that shall help us understand the essence of living with a beautiful rose, with its fragrance filling the space around us.

Love and compassion for others, for the world itself is what we need to respect and try to imbibe into our actions. This alone will help us grow over the fear of unknown, fear of losing what you have or of not getting what you want.  Try it!
Place: Cambridge, MA
Date:  14th Feb 2010

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Easement : My Life

To,                                                                                                                  Date: 21st Feb 2010
Depository of Dreams.

I always wondered what my dreams mean? I  have come to believe that each of my dreams give a peek into  what the future holds for me and people in my life. Today, I wanted to share one such dream of mine, that turned into reality.

A prisoner was seated at a table, and an officer of merit was standing across the table. After few moments of silence, a conversation ensued. The prisoner said, "It is a tremendously hostile world that I endure...I am here to survive. It is natural that everyone has an instinct to survive. I learnt to live my life the way I do, after understanding what tremendous feats human beings are capable of once they abandon dignity." Both were silent for a while, and then the officer said, "Acquire a heart...only then you can call yourself human, and understand what suffering means. And what you call a tremendous feat, is in reality a heinous act."

And then I woke up...

Today, I understood...she was the prisoner, and the officer was me.

In complete honesty,

Friday, August 13, 2010

Salutation : Vicereine of Stupidity

HRH The Duchess of Nothingness.

I always trusted that our relation may tend to unite in a bond of close affection; with mutual respect, concern and appreciation ranging from the highest to the humblest. I always felt our relation shall be an example for great principles of liberty, equality, and justice; and shall promote our happiness, and add to our prosperity, and welfare.

However, with your incredible acts of stupidity you have positioned yourself beyond doubt that you never really understood : people are meant to be loved, while things are meant to be used. You always entertained a confused self, used people and continued to love material things around you. I fail to understand your justification to seek forgiveness, when you shall be presented to Almighty.
With no regard,
Victim of your selfish intentions/lifestyle.
Confidentiality: The contents of this mail are intended for HRH The Duchess of Nothingness. It contains information which may be of a confidential and privileged nature.

Saturday, July 31, 2010

Sweet Poison

" You are what your silences are... All the noise you make is for the World..."

You are one of the intentionally best-kept sinful secrets of your world.  No one  can really tell what you truly have come to become, for you never spoke the truth...all you knew was how to deceive, but not how to love...Allow me to share your story not hold such an ugly and sinful truth close to my heart, to not cheat or deceive others for protecting you, to seek beyond you is, a multitude of unique blessings. 

New to your ways, I remember the delicious agony of waiting through a seemingly interminable night for the magic dawn of morning. In my eager anticipation of the wondrous surprises awaiting us, I forgot the painful events that the long night presented. While living through the night, there was darkness all around with no logical reason for your actions. The agony to seek a plausible reason for the same is beyond my faculties of description. In my anxiety to marry happiness I neglected the many unique indications to protect myself, not only from such a false hope, but from a deceiving exaltation. To live through the night, to see  the light of the  realize that all you possibly can do is to deceive your parents and those who love you is such a learning experience.

I learnt my lesson,  to  look for answers...not in what others say, but  in their  and your heinous existence are merely an instrument for this lesson. May the Lord show mercy on your parents, for they are not at fault for what you are today - a sinful existence worthy of death and nothing else...Amen!

Friday, July 23, 2010

Life: Switcheroo

I always felt, my sense of existence was because of I love, to be by your side through thick and thin, never let you cry...never let you sigh. Life is a jigsaw with blank spaces to fill, it is up to us to figure out how to pick from choices we have. All I always wanted was just a little something...beautiful and sweet to fill  the void. I wanted you to add meaning to my look beyond the blank space, to  absorb happiness from around complete my picture. 

This was my method for happiness. Spaces once filled add meaning to life. To hold  more than one piece to fill the void, is to hold too many to paint a beautiful picture. To place one over the other, spoils the picture and nothing else.

Learn to turn around and seek with honesty. Life is like a book, what matters is how good it is, not how long it is about how beautiful is the picture you make of it...Life is a switcheroo.

Friday, July 16, 2010

Relation : The Conquest of Differences

I always felt that actions were a secondary representation of  an emotion, just as speech was a secondary representation of thought. The speaker has something in their mind; words were found to express that thought. The effectiveness of the words  should not be a parameter of evaluation for the thought. Likewise, intention plays a primary role to understand the truth of an emotion.

This kind of a schematic in regard to emotion, will speak of a comparative approach. Actions frame a method to express our emotion,  and their effectiveness  is a step towards the truth involved  in our intention.  Sometimes, our actions are a poor representation of our emotion, the farther we are away from the person, the less we are understood. If we compare relation to a statement in literature, the philosophical bases of an emotion and a relation provide perhaps the most elaborate critique of the logocentrism involved. 

For a relation, it should not be a forceful communication of the essential truth, since understanding and respect for each other should come from within. All communication, be it spoken or written, merely convey fragments that might help one acknowledge the inner truth one already has, thus respecting  each other. Similarly, spoken and written words might convey not only thoughts but also are in themselves a kind of practice, and actually following the practice will lead to understanding.

Let us appreciate the linguistic behavior of the statement : Relation.

Monday, July 12, 2010

Elegy: Emotion

Friday, July 09, 2010

Archives of Hell

No one knows how many vulnerable kids especially girls are at a constant risk of physical and mental abuse. There is a need to list them as a vulnerable group to initiate a support function  to address this concern.Yet the sexual/mental exploitation and drug abuse that is an inevitable part of their lives, points to a serious problem in urgent need of attention.

The treatment they are subjected to, influences their food habits and attitude towards life. All of them  are subjected to and have experienced such treatment for different lengths of time. All of them seek more  freedom to control their environment, thus escape and break free from such treatment. This  creates a scenario of my "choice" and my "freedom and friendship decisions". This disturbs their social habits and approach towards life.  

Most of them are deprived, abjectly neglected children who are barely visible. With little or no  freedom to voice their issues with their parents, they turn into 'hard-hit' children. Such children become highly mobile  deprived of affection and normal upbringing. They suffer from an attitude change in regard to value education and fall prey to strategies like 'sex for comfort, pleasure and money,' and 'drugs for bliss and loss of pain'.

Lacking a supporting environment in more ways than one, these children fall prey to the worst  attitude influences that affect their outlook towards life. The motives to engage in  such behavior towards children include pleasure, immediate lust-reduction, inferiority complex and material gain (food, money, drugs).

There is an immediate need to address this concern. There is a need to open up the channel of communication with your kids, to engage them in discussion, create a space for dialogue. This will help them become more judgmental about their actions and consequences that follow.

Sunday, July 04, 2010

July 4th...

Somewhere in an unKnown City—during a winter night,he stood outside on an empty street—for years he will remember the wait.With  energy drained, and his fingers failing to recognize themselves, he was treated by a  lopsided gesture—snow and silent tears. But as he stood to turn cold, his inner voice said in rather non-preppy terms, "There was no way that you are treated with dignity—even if you have come from a far-off land, you still are a stranger." If  he was told earlier, it would have been a discounted experience from his life.

This was not how it was supposed to end—23-year-old darling with the fairy-angel looks, the outlandish wardrobe and the very improper private-school vocabulary. She was born in Peru, the lady of his dreams for years. but she grew up in Houston— fashioning an attitude which he tried hard to understand—never understood.Though he was also 23, had fared just as well as anyone else in life, he was treated like a foil by the flashy, Peruvian-born American.

She led a life of ingenuine primer, albeit with dark secrets. He was clearly the aggressor and  sought the ring from the start. Even in the early going, before he could truly understand her, she seemed listless, with her spark or  rather purposeful activity. He showed great support that was expected to keep faith. She responded with indignity and callous affection.

He kept staring at the deserted road, filled with snow. His two fingers clinched, and he started walking away—she betrayed him again. He hesitated a moment and then turned back—struggling to say goodbye. But things have come to an end—deceit and a string of lies did the trick. She continued to relax with a warm cup of tea, reclining with her right arm over the couch—with little or no concern.

Though he stood by her during the storm—expecting a return of favor was a sin. By that point she deserved the hype—scoring for the current favorite. And then she said to herself, "This is all part of being young and ambitious. I nibble on the innocent ". She continued to seek her life, with all respect and glory. 

He is lost in search for his consciousness, even till today—July 4th.

Friday, July 02, 2010

My Betraying Sweetheart....

As environments increasingly become complicated  for interaction, people characteristically take on the features of written forms of expression. Although ideas and arguments are being presented in written form, the life takes on a weird tone quite different from that of traditional forms of expression of love.  While this happens to be the trend these days, few amongst us stand as an example  for souls blessed with little or no character. Perception and respect for emotions are necessary ingredients which happen to be missing in relations these days. 

To use and play with emotions of someone, to lie and betray are considered evidence  for lack of  critical reasoning about self, and  little or no  intellectual growth and thoughtful contribution to self development. 

Discipline and respect for emotions and others in our lives, can effectively help us grow stronger as a being   and communicate our emotions in a better way,  even if we are to subscribe to non traditional ways.
As online interaction becomes more widely used these days, and as more people of all age levels participate in electronic discourse, it is important for us to consider how to respond  and cater to emotional conversations rather than lie and betray people in our lives. In addition to examining our self, and perhaps more importantly, we need to understand how these changing conventions may be contributing to the construction of  our personal lives these days, and more so, why we are turning  to  lies, and betrayal needs to be understood.  Let us respect emotions, people in our lives. What we are today, will pave way for our future.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

I Vs Me...

Dear Dad,

I wish to record one of my empirical observations today. My experiences tend to align with the thought that divinity seeks democracy in regard to choices we make. I have observed that religious people are more democratic in regard to options they are presented with and choices they make. They associate an element of control with a superior power in regard to how a decision swings their chances of success. 

It is important to notice the new theological thought which is observed these days. It is a blend of classical Christian thought of  righteous living with a self styled approach about morality. People hardly give any thought to the building of character, rather subscribe to an eroding school of value education. 

I learnt that our innate ability to seek purity in our thought will help us look upon the invisible elements of  nature as though they were clearly perceptible to our senses, making us more receptive to human suffering, giving us strength to walk the path of respecting human emotions.

According to Hindu philosophy of karma, we are to enjoy the positive and negative reflections of our deeds, and that each action of ours and its reflection will  get accrued. Today, we are enjoying/suffering from the reflections of our deeds from the past, and what we choose to do during our life, will cast its reflection on our future and beyond. There are numerous threads of religious beliefs, and each of us have our unique thread to tag. I have chosen my thread.

Our deeds might be short lived, but their reflections will stay forever and shall tell the tale of our character...

Allah Hafiz!
Abhijith Jayanthi 
Feb 2010