Friday, July 09, 2010

Archives of Hell

No one knows how many vulnerable kids especially girls are at a constant risk of physical and mental abuse. There is a need to list them as a vulnerable group to initiate a support function  to address this concern.Yet the sexual/mental exploitation and drug abuse that is an inevitable part of their lives, points to a serious problem in urgent need of attention.

The treatment they are subjected to, influences their food habits and attitude towards life. All of them  are subjected to and have experienced such treatment for different lengths of time. All of them seek more  freedom to control their environment, thus escape and break free from such treatment. This  creates a scenario of my "choice" and my "freedom and friendship decisions". This disturbs their social habits and approach towards life.  

Most of them are deprived, abjectly neglected children who are barely visible. With little or no  freedom to voice their issues with their parents, they turn into 'hard-hit' children. Such children become highly mobile  deprived of affection and normal upbringing. They suffer from an attitude change in regard to value education and fall prey to strategies like 'sex for comfort, pleasure and money,' and 'drugs for bliss and loss of pain'.

Lacking a supporting environment in more ways than one, these children fall prey to the worst  attitude influences that affect their outlook towards life. The motives to engage in  such behavior towards children include pleasure, immediate lust-reduction, inferiority complex and material gain (food, money, drugs).

There is an immediate need to address this concern. There is a need to open up the channel of communication with your kids, to engage them in discussion, create a space for dialogue. This will help them become more judgmental about their actions and consequences that follow.