Sunday, January 31, 2010

I Forgive You...

All through these years, I have learnt to understand how to identify the true intent of  a person and see if he/she is a friend or someone whom I should avoid. But today, as I look back at my life and recent years, I have come to believe that I have avoided many people because of  varied reasons...I wish to try my best to forgive all those who have had a negative impact on me or anything related to me. With this attempt, I wish to move on in life, being more happier with myself, my life and my existence in harmony to what all that life has given me and will give me in the future...

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Mood : Pensive & Repulsive

 "In our obsession with original sin, we do forget ... original innocence"
 - Pope Innocent, of Assisi                     
It is always a tough decision to make : when things keep coming back at you, and yet you need to move on and  seek life with all consciousness. It is an understanding which is influenced by the quality of life I had, I wish to have and my firm belief to see my family and loved ones happy.

When it is tough to hold yourself ...let go yourself. It is always an innocent reflection of our thoughts when we see ourselves angry at an issue which we never really realize the true value of. What seems to be worth today, might not be, of the same value tomorrow. All that life has given you is a chance to be you, if you wish to seek reasons to live, it is definitely not worth it. Embrace life with open arms and experience its warmth, believe in yourself...all that you always want to be, you already are...what is needed is a sense of understanding, faith on your methods and a self respectful YOU!

Sunday, January 24, 2010


Note: Friends this post is about how we need to understand ourselves and see life. It is not about being practical, but it is more about seeing life from a different focus point sometimes. This post is my attempt to understand from my own experiences. I hope the readers will benefit from it.

Life is not about practicality. It is more about understanding the value and the necessity of three important questions : how? when? why? Most of us are of the firm belief that prioritizing our activities/life is the key to success. But in this post, I shall attempt to bring to your notice that it is not a key to success but it is a key to failure.

Did you ever feel you always were doing things according to a plan, and yet you dont seem to get what you intend to achieve. You see people around you, lesser in regard to talent, skillset, effort...happy with their lives?  Well, did you always question yourself why does it happen to you, why do things dont go according to your plan? Well friends, the answer is nature. Nature is responsible for what happens around us, against us and also for us. It is unfortunate but it is true, nature likes chaos. Nature appreciates confusion.

If we wish to disturb the confusion, by trying to align our targets, our lives... we fall out from the nature's plan and our targets slip down the priority list for nature to accommodate.  It is easier to see life as it is, and understand that rather than controlling it, allow it to take the lead. Give it a chance to lead, and you shall see it will give you immense happiness. Friends, what will be... will be. It is easier to go easy on yourself rather than  get depressed with life. Allow life a chance .. that is the key to success. Allow yourself the joy of being what nature has planned for you...Seek and you shall be get...dream and you shall achieve...allow yourself to lose grip of life... and it will cling onto you.

Forget for a moment, that you exist...experience life with open hands...and friends there lies your happiness.. go for it!

Friday, January 22, 2010

A Moment...

P.S. : This moment has no further explanation....

Monday, January 18, 2010

Just One Chance : Lets Dance Again...

Fill my world,
with silence and surprise,
when I shall regain your sunrise.

Decorate my sky,
with stars and the moon,
when you shall be my zest for life soon.

Reward my wait,
with your laughter and joy,
my woman : beautiful than Helen of Troy.

Saturday, January 16, 2010


Ask, and it shall be given to you; 

seek, and you shall find;

knock and it shall be opened unto you.

For every one that asketh receiveth;

and he that seeketh findeth;

and to him that knocketh, it shall be opened.


                                     - Bible [Matthew 7:7-8]


Why is it that there is hate in this world ? It is interesting to see how we do not really understand the reason for this emotion. Love and hate are two emotions which are never really understood properly by anyone. Every person who walks on this planet earth have shades of positive and negative traits. It is rather difficult to arrive at a conclusion to judge a person completely....and then there is the element of time, what seems to be wrong or a bad trait can be gone, never to return and thus the person is a rejuvenated being, eligible for love. 


It is important to understand : Love the being and hate the quality, for it offers us happiness.

Sometimes, it is essential that we let go the past and embrace our present, for it offers us eternal peace and a happy future...for ourselves, our loved ones, family and friends..


Thursday, January 14, 2010

Together...All is Well...

Together we have solutions to our problems,
together we will find them within us...
Together is for being there for each other,
Together we define each other...
In the infinity of life where we are,
all will be perfect, whole and complete.
I believe in a power far greater than we are
that flows through us every moment of every day.
I open us to the wisdom within,
knowing that there is only One Intelligence in this Universe.
Out of this One Intelligence comes all the answers,
all the solutions, all the healing, all the new creations.
I trust this Power and Intelligence,
knowing that whatever we need to know is revealed to us,
and that whatever we need comes to us
in the right time, space and sequence.
All will be well in our world.

Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Transformation : W-O-M-A-N

Polite Note : Ladies amongst my readers, it is a sincere request to understand that this post is not about how impactful the transition of feminine power was on the society in the recent past, but it is more about the disgusting reality about how few amongst you are misled and are creating a havoc in otherwise peaceful threads of this fabric called society...please kindly restrain from venting your emotions about how supportive you are about the transition which I shall rightly criticize.... men, read on for I sincerely request you to learn about this aspect, because I have come to understand most of the women fall under this category and are if not anything else are ruining your lives...

Firstly friends, I choose to present this post without any image support that will help you understanding the emotion running through the post, because I felt disgust is an extreme emotion and needs no support to express itself. I am not an advocate of  anti-feminine initiatives, if any of you are seriously considering this thought, please do not read any further. Woman as she started out, centuries ago was mostly regarding as wife of a man (w/o-man) and revolutionary practices have seen them now live a life of with out a man (w/o-man). If any of you feel this is not the transition, thank god you do not belong to that set of women whom I am talking about in this post, please read on because they need your help to realize the truth. Most of us friends, I mean men... have come across women who tend to create an identity crisis for herself and subject you to unjust treatment because it is a disgusting fact which we need to live with, women are always right even if she is dumb headed to speak innocently and tell us that sun rises in the west... indeed it is , isn't  it friends? 

Life seems to be a stupid experience when we wish to live a life dictated by a woman who is  little if not completely challenged in regard to her faculties of mental maturity. Transition of freedom of expression for a man will include and is necessary to uphold the dignity of his woman, while for a woman can put her man to shame if that is all that is needed to satisfy her silly wishes... This isn't a post to vent my emotions my dear friends, for men amongst you...will silently agree with me, grow up you sick people! stop being silent about this treatment, dont surrender to stupidity...sun indeed rises in the east... for women amongst the readers, if you happen to understand that it indeed is true with someone who know, I am happy that you are there for her to make her realize how sick she is and that she needs immediate help... if you happen to disagree with this post... I surrender before you are the disgusting woman  I am talking about, you seek no argument because there is nothing but emptiness in between your ears. For all such disgusting women, this post is a salutation to your unique attitude.. please allow others to live their lives!