Saturday, January 30, 2010

Mood : Pensive & Repulsive

 "In our obsession with original sin, we do forget ... original innocence"
 - Pope Innocent, of Assisi                     
It is always a tough decision to make : when things keep coming back at you, and yet you need to move on and  seek life with all consciousness. It is an understanding which is influenced by the quality of life I had, I wish to have and my firm belief to see my family and loved ones happy.

When it is tough to hold yourself ...let go yourself. It is always an innocent reflection of our thoughts when we see ourselves angry at an issue which we never really realize the true value of. What seems to be worth today, might not be, of the same value tomorrow. All that life has given you is a chance to be you, if you wish to seek reasons to live, it is definitely not worth it. Embrace life with open arms and experience its warmth, believe in yourself...all that you always want to be, you already are...what is needed is a sense of understanding, faith on your methods and a self respectful YOU!