Thursday, January 29, 2009

Is Equality Subjective?

This question comes up every now and then. Why is it that we wish to establish equality by means of having double standards when it comes to implementation. It is baffling to notice, use of different methods of judgment and yet speak of achieving equal treatment. This striking contrast is reflected in various aspects of our society : Be it AIIMS incident of preferential care in regard to treatment for Prime Minister Vs Commoner (Why do we focus on highlighting that the victim is from the tribal fraternity, yet another case of artificial attempt to seek equality, we cannot bridge the gap by highlighting the differences), or the anticipation that NCW should never say that there can be mistake on the part of women (Common, women are special beings, they can never be wrong, how can they!) (It is depressing to say the least, that our leaders [read: few ministers] think the best way to support women is to drive them to seek "independence", needless to say, my hopeless prayers to see people realize that, we can never really have "independent women" or "men who are truly independent" and yet maintain a civilized society are not bearing fruit.) are just few examples.

We humans, celebrate differences and take pride in them, and yet seek (read: fight) equal treatment. Another example is the recent storming of Andhra Pradesh Assembly by few "community leaders"/ "well wishers" to demand for special status for their community for they feel they are backward, and are not given fair chance. Why is it that people who wish to seek help, because they feel they have the equal right as any other Indian, still stick to addressing themselves as "being from a certain community"and yet complain when they are addressed in such a way by a "community outsider".

It is rather interesting to see how our politicians fail to notice that the differences are a natural result of our environment and factors which are beyond our control (we can never really attribute the same qualities to both men and women, can we?) . It is not surprising to see why this is a common place event in India, we are lead by a pack of fools, most of them uneducated, not qualified to even seek a clerical position ( justified in their own way, learning the tricks to fool the nation and the best practices of corruption, kept them away from education, in any case who needs education to be hooligans? politics is about making money, why worry about people, right? All we need as a qualification is a possibility that you either have one criminal case against you, or were close to having one recorded with your name on it, or have some super-shot mother picking you to be the next prime ministerial candidate, because all she cares is about having access to public money to live happily forever, why do we have to care about the people?), few those who are educated are dragged into the race of protecting their interests, that the position of few essentials in their bodies have slipped positions. What India needs is a reason to believe, believe that our system can be set right, our system is their to help us live happily.

I wish to see educated men leading us, who will give a sense of direction to our nation, put to rest, fools who seek equality by highlighting differences, who will give all the different "community leaders" and people who instigate the feeling of belonging for a community based on religion, caste or social status other than being Indian, to breathe their last, who can offer a tight slap to all the "activists" who fight unjust causes to engage themselves. I seek those, who have the strength to clean the filth of dynasty politics and hunt for people who support it, and lay them to rest. I hope to see such a day...

Friday, January 23, 2009

MDG # 8: Develop Global Partnership for Development

The MDGs represent a global partnership that has grown from the commitments and targets established at the world summits of the 1990s. Responding to the world's main development challenges and to the calls of civil society, the MDGs promote poverty reduction, education, maternal health, gender equality, and aim at combating child mortality, AIDS and other diseases. Set for the year 2015, the MDGs are an agreed set of goals that can be achieved if all actors work together and do their part. Poor countries have pledged to govern better, and invest in their people through health care and education. Rich countries have pledged to support them, through aid, debt relief, and fairer trade

It is my firm belief that globalization in today’s world has its influence beyond the traditional sectors of business. With free movement of goods/merchandise, it is not merely an exchange/acceptance of goods, but understanding and imbibing a different culture/tradition. It is increasingly necessary to recognize that sharing of knowledge across boundaries will lead to effective methods of development and progress. Young People, who represent our tomorrow, face many challenges and problems particular to them especially problems related to sexual issues and are most vulnerable because of the same. The understanding of social, religious, cultural factors on youth is important in drafting any policy, for youth frame the next generation who will be affected by it.

The problems facing us, challenge not only today’s societies, but future generations as well. It is essential to consider the option of working in partnerships in seeking to address these challenges, for no one can exist in isolation. Indirectly, billions of dollars of current investments are going into crystallizing policies, programs, institutions, and social realities that dramatically affect us today (some highly positive, some not so positive). In most nations, people have little knowledge, and even less say, on how these investments affect their lives daily. It is important to understand that people are the experts on the issues that affect them and as such, are integral to achieving effective and enduring solutions. By empowering ourselves, the needed skills and understanding for global partnerships and other leadership ability, we shall be more prepared to participate fully in society and decision making processes, thus become engaged as one of the partners in shaping the world we will inherit and pass onto future generations.

It will also ensure a better establishment of guideposts in our lives and the social and economic institutions that sustain them, and to facilitate access to leading thinkers and practitioners who are engaged in areas related to community and economic development which the program promises. This will lead to more informed choices by us and hence will create a positive impact on the world through ourselves, our peers and social circles.

(This article is a part of my essay on MDG # 8 : Develop Global Partnership for Development for Voice on MDGs)

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Seeking CHANGE!

Sometimes, change becomes a necessity. It is definitely interesting to get used to a situation, certain lifestyle, but it is equally boring to stay the same. When I speak of change, I speak about the necessity for a change in our thinking, in our representation of situation and our outlook towards life. Possibly, solutions vary from situation to situation but what remains key is our will to seek change.

Life is a constant struggle to see a logical link in transition and that when one moves into a different phase, we still are connected to our previous history in a way that impresses us to move ahead and seek further growth rather than pull us down and seek solitude.

There are many examples to speak about this trend, when we seek change, how that influences us to question our present practices, understand the positives - take them forward, understand negatives - discard them, life is a learning experience with events teaching you the art of seeking a better state of existence.

Lets seek CHANGE!

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Me and Me...

It is a natural event, that sometimes, we tend to do things exactly the other way, compared to what we wish to. In this process, the conflict within ourselves, presents an interesting dynamic. What we tend to judge others with, will be largely influenced by what we experience ourselves. I wanted to record this observation and the memory of an interesting experience which resulted in the observation.


Friday, January 02, 2009

2009: An Optimistic Beginning

I wish to record my understanding about the impact of 2008, and the opportunities in 2009. 2008 was a year marked with decent achievements and great tragedies. It was an unfortunate year, to say the least. I wish to see 2009 to be more balanced, and calm if not anything else.

Personally, I wish to give myself more opportunities to seek and influence a positive change, however small. 2008 was a turbulent year, with memorable gains, and losses which I wish to forget. I wish to begin 2009 on a positive note, with the taste of just the positive moments of 2008, and wish to create a positive impact.

As they say, '....from those to whom much is given, much is expected...', I gained a lot in the past, and wish to seek and influence a change my way this year, year 2009!