Monday, May 18, 2009

Paradigm: Vicious Monosyllables of Life

Nothing is inevitable in life. I have come to believe, there is an intermediate state between being ignorant and being arrogant in life. It is when we seem to consciously ignore various elements, to have a happy existence that one tends to be sucked into the vicious circle of thought going down the spiral to a state of solitude.

Everyone has got their moments in life, when one feels left out, but what makes such experiences even more unique is the fact that, it is during such moments that we finally get an appointment with logic. I sincerely believe, and strongly advocate that miracles are possible, and are beyond logic. But, when you get to understand the larger picture, miracle is not a singular moment, but it is a collection of events which result in the same, and logic is clearly seen in how these events shape up.

What I wish to conclude from the above discussion, is the fact that one is always sucked into the vicious circle, when one is searching for logic to explain and understand various events. In such cases, it is important that we understand when a singular event fails the logic, it is better that we include various related events in the larger picture and then search for a possible logic. I have experienced an understood ease in analysis when I applied this postulate. I hope it helps the reader as well.