Sunday, May 09, 2010

Seeking Beyond : A Promise...

" Those who tell stories, rule the World..."
                                               - Plato
Shifting uneasily on my bed, the dream of yesterday night still playing on my mind...I woke up with a start, only to find the sun shining into my line of vision. I clear my throat and shake my head, "what a weird  dream!" Perhaps, promises were never meant to be part of reality...or probably it was just me, with rather unpleasant experience of a promise.

A Promise ruled my world of imagination and fantasy with its stories which were far from true...yet it captivated my soul and gave me warmth. For what the truth was, what it has come to become...and what will remain, my emotional attachment is too profound to be ignored. But there are certain situations in life when it is better to cut clean and acknowledge their true self...the promise will remain a disgusting epitome of morality. It pushed me beyond the need to recover from hurt and disappointment. Nothing will ever take away the value for each happy and memorable moment I experienced, and the promise will remain a promise to remember...a promise never kept.