Monday, December 31, 2007


An everlasting smile
A smile can bring you near to me
Don't ever let me find you wrong
Cause that would bring a tear to me
This world has lost it's glory
Lets start a brand new story
Now my love

You think that I don't even mean
A single word I say

It's only words
And words are all I have
To take your heart away

In everlasting words
And dedicate them all, to me
And I will give you all my life
I'm here if you should call to me

You think that I don't even mean
a single word I say

It's only words
And words are all I have
To take your heart away

It's only words
And words are all I have
To take your heart away

This world has lost it's glory
Let's start a brand new story
Now, my love

You think that I don't even mean
a single word I say

It's only words
And words are all I have
To take your heart away

It's only words
And words are all I have
To take your heart away

It's only words
And words are all I have
To take your heart away

(Words by Boyzone...The reason the lyrics of this song frame a post on my blog is because I finally understood the power and meaning of words and the strength they can give...and why I wish to put this in pink.. even I dont know)

Saturday, December 29, 2007

Heresies of My Existence

There existed…
A Second to look beyond days and nights,
two of its kind saw years keeping them apart.
Puritanical until the very moment, wasn’t it?

There existed…
Times when kids played with one another,
no one let them have a second chance.
Everyone is bound to grow, Weren’t they?

There exists…
Wetness beneath the slab all day,
seldom does the icing know about the cake that’s set.
Life doesn’t allow a middle drop, does it?

There exists…
“A Set line that’s shown”, told the paper,
better look beyond the line atleast once.
There is always a reason to smile, isn’t it?

There shall exist…
Places and memories: vastly different,
change this self and allow the little sea through.
Whilst Pound remains a set of pints, will you?

There shall exist…
Reasons when men shall shout “Place back that moment”,
the change won’t be large even when one moves miles apart.
Life will remain a collection of memories, Will it not?

Friday, November 23, 2007


She may be the face I cant forget,
the trace of pleasure or regret.
May be my treasure
or the price I have to pay.

She may be the song that Summer sings,
may be the chill the autumn brings.
May be a hundred different things
within the measure of a day.

She may be the beauty or the beast,
may be the famine or the feast.
May turn each day
into a heaven or a hell.

She may be the mirror of my dream,
the smile reflected in a stream.
She may not be
what she may seem.

She who always so happy in a crowd,
whose eyes can be so private and so proud.
No one's allowed to see them
when they cry.

She may be the love that cannot hope to last,
may come to me from the shadows of the past.
That i remember
till the day I die.

She may be the reason I survive,
the Why and wherefore I'm alive.
The one I'll care for through the rough
and ready years.

Me I'll take her laughter and her tears,
and make them all my souvenirs.
For where she goes I've got to be
the meaning of my life is She.

(This work is not mine but is close to my heart & that I relate to)

Monday, November 12, 2007

Ingenuine Clarities

Standing against the wet wall of loneliness,
While time became a silk knot pressing your breath.
Why dip your pen into invisible ink,
To mince your heart?

Instead of a miserably hybrid grub,
Or the curved, wrinkled arms of destiny.
Think of the rain dribbling on the ivy leaves,
Or the
euphonious breeze of wind etching life.

Oh! My consanguineous Cousin,
Claim your happiness for you’re worth it!
And my
For your support is
sui generis.

Friday, August 31, 2007

A Defty Damsel

Realized did I?
regarding what you hide
in those pearls pitch dark,
that captivate my senses and does not speak to me?

Initiated am I?
to appreciate the beauty of a cotton flower
that wraps us with a ribbon of simple percipience,
and yet we are free to turn with our senses.

Thinking am I?
About the scent of the simple flower petals,
and cry of the cats,
I understand now that
important emotions,
in silly details.

Understanding You?
Complex yet so simple!
would I be justified to call myself
A Swain of your subtleness

Monday, August 27, 2007

Ayu Bowan Lanka!

Things simply dont change even when you switch shores, atleast that is the case in Asia. Sri Lanka, an island of paradise is the image that is sustained. An island which has disparity between Capital city of Colombo and the rest of the country. Sometimes, the concept of Karl Marx that leader should represent the group seems to be lost in an effort to stick to improve the indices of progress.

Not that I wish to push the Marxist idealogy but just that progress without equitable distribution will seek an urge within the population for a concentration of interests which might lead to a civil war. I am not being pessimistic , but it is obviously better to be realistic.

Be it China or Sri Lanka which are spoken of in regard to non-equitable distribution of wealth amongst its people , urban and rural development should go hand in hand to understand and truly represent progress. With country lacking basic infrastructure in rural sectors and concentration of efforts to improve and furnish Cities like Colombo alone with infrastructure speaks of vulnerability in case of a conflict . Becoming a soft target speaks of how country might plunge into poverty, for a country which is already subscribing to a string of issues , such a disparity is not called for.

This is a plea to the policy makers ( One point which impressed me about Sri Lanka over India is encouragement of youth to participate atleast in discussion in regard to policy making if not having a substantial say , which doesnt seem to exist in India even when Youth frame 54% of Population) to understand and focus on spreading developmental activities to various points on the island so that everyone gets a share of the pie!

Ayu Bowan Lanka!

Friday, June 29, 2007

Schmaltz of Life

Gone are those years,
When came true my worst fears,

Bewitching a cloying dullness.

Gone are those years,
when I was all ears,
for things which were superfluous.

Gone are those years,
When I was thirsty for tears,
to thread back the lesion of thy love.

O come thou years,
When I am not
piqued with fears,
For I am left with none.

O Come thou years,
When none is led by what one hears,
Being judgmental isn’t a vile recompense.

O Come thou years,
When I am appeased with tears,
Learn to conciliate with realities.

O Come thou years,
When life will come into gears,
For all Near and Dear.

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Italian Rhapsodies...

More you understand, the more you respect the proclivity of Italians for laid-back kind of a life. The simple essence that things seems to take their own course and no one has to fill in the requirement of the resources to make things happen. Art and humanity are few of the important issues on mind and churning out theories to understand why things were the way they were is one of the best ways of spending time 'productively'.

Italy.. The land of the art..lives in 'Dine with Tine and Wine' kind of a approach towards life. Creativity is lost in the by-lanes of understanding Art.. Its time to start introspecting into the 'off-the-world' approach and to give a serious thought to grasping the opportunities that are presented..

With best Compliments..Grazie!

Monday, May 28, 2007

Apparent Obloquies

Interesting are the ways of human thinking and understanding.. People tend to equip themselves with too many prior experiences that they normally dont have any room left to receive the present act to frame a view and decide.. Incidents transform our thinking which in turn influence incidents.. its a interesting cycle to be a part of.. Apparent is the word which I wish to use because most of the people are victims to the described concept with no knowledge about it. People have little room to incorporate the change or the transformation which the person or people went through..

It is interesting to understand that artificiality exists because of this reason. People tend to hold their view which leads to creation of an artificial shell around themselves and they are disturbed enough to neglect the reality . Added to this, influences from others are something which are screened and are selectively accepted , only those which supplement the present thinking but not those which radically oppose the present state of thinking. Actions are mere ' going through the motions' a formality left to be completed which would lead to creating a furthur divide and rise in uncertainty about thoughts regarding oneself and our surroundings.

People are often apprehensive in actually reasoning out any decision which is already implemented... Analysis on a personal and on an individual basis to judge about oneself and the attitude which they portray.. Technically speaking.. you might be thinking this is an area of psychiatry but when you seriously start questioning yourself .. isnt this an issue of a mind which is mislead and the leader is confused himself to decide and direct..

Do you wish to stand up and say.. 'Yes .. I need to frame views on the present act and not on the past.. Trust is something which is built on everyday but not just supplemented by add-ons.. ' so You are next.. Move on...

Friday, May 18, 2007

Avowal Series... Lets tote the truth

I recently decided to place facts and truth regarding few living souls out in public. Few of the main reasons which I shall discuss in this post may be a complete 'not-of any-use ' material for you.. but as I pointed in my earlier post ( Yes! I started accepting the fact that people blog.. posting irrevelant stuff.) I shall be speaking of things which you might not have been associated with yourself ( even remotely)

I wish to create a 'Avowal Series' bringing out the shades of few beings i came across as a special token of recognition. To be more realistic and factual, I wish to pursue a in-depth analysis before making conclusions. This would be the second project under SimplyJITH Creations. For the uninitiated, SimplyJITH creations would represent the face of any of the creations that shall have my name. The first project is rather a link-up project which would integrate all the activities which Iam involved with into a single tag name ( Yes .. Brand Identity is a concept which I recently subscribed to)

Avowal Series would be an analysis of few people I met in my life. Complete facts and truth ( relative definitions please!) would be addressed. One of the most important aspect of the entire functioning in this project would be it would be a 'open-to-all' Project .

You may be thinking what is it that invites this piece of development some space on my blog. Vertical integration is one of my the prime objectives for my first project which speaks of extracting the maximum benefits from other related projects which are run under the same tag name. Avowal Series would first identify few people who have made remarkable difference in my life and a sketch of their ideas and thoughts would be framed.

Hope you would be interested in watching this space for further annoucements regarding the Project...

Friends .. Lets tote the truth ...

Friday, April 27, 2007

Are You in Next?

Perhaps sometimes thinking that everything seems to be so natural is all about being too modest to understand what nature has in store for us ... Are you in next?

Delicate Hearts:
What stops you from thinking beyond is that which questions you to hold on...Let the hearts beat on...Are you in next?

Humans seldom understand beauty is what you perceive but not what it appears to be ...Are you in next?

What makes you feel logic has a sense of restriction attached with it. It's all about innovating to inspire...
Are you in next?

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

The Blogging (F)art!

I happen to receive few comments on what I write on my blog, thanks to limited publicity of my blog and myself being happy about it. Recently, I have received many a comment on why I need to be writing about myself rather than writing on issues which doesnt frame out daily living.. The basic idea with which I started to blog is neither to discuss the upcoming city in China which is exclusively built keeping women empowerment( in literal sense!) in mind or blurp out crap just to increase the visitor counter of my blog, to be known as the elite who posts intellectual nothings everyday( Who has the time to read what you say? Only a equally jobless soul with all the time in the world to browse through your blogs religiously!)

So why am I taking the pains to explain things to the limited readership that my blog enjoys? Silence definitely speaks volumes about yourself, but it is always tough to understand whether the other person is reading you in the correct manner.. Friends.. Silence mean .. neither that I dont have a point nor I consider myself above the ordinary mortals .. that I dont deem it necessary to reply to your queries or comments.. Laziness my friends.. one of the boons to Mankind which is an equal opportunity employer.. providing the other contestants a chance to surge ahead when it is busy with one of us!

I seriously agree to the point that you need to have a sink wherein you can vent your emotions.. but hold it there... it is pleasant.. You neednt use the sink as a pseudo publicity device which not only showcases how desperate one can get to seek recognition but also it speaks about how the entire nation and mankind in general is investing time in unproductive activities.. Seriously ! Would you gain anything reading what I wrote ? Think again .. If your answer is nothing.. then friend read on.. atleast complete what you have started.. Dont you remember what you mamma use to teach you??
On the contrary! I know I know there would be none.. but there is always an exception to the rule.. if you feel I am making some sense( Yes... I am certain I am) then man you are the one I was waiting for.. the comments section is waiting for your name .. Few days ago I was pondering on a method to understand and judge " The Idle Person on this planet Earth" and man! arent you a serious contender! No.. No.. The competition didnt materialize as of now.. but friend.. do fill in the name so that I shall get back to you if we plan to organise one.( Even if we do then dont you think we would be eligible ourselves for the title! Well that makes it important for us to read the terms and conditions of any offer that comes our way.. it speaks of how the organising party cant participate..arent you seeing a 'Ray of Hope'? )

I am taking the complete responsibility of the above post and no one else is responsible ( Exception: Daydreamers) for any opinion raised in this post( yes I am calling it a post and not an article! Happy you sad souls!) You shall be seeing more of it in the future for I trust this world doesnt have space for some serious thinking .. one of my friends was using this caption few days ago.. and it truly is .. All that glitters is what is Sold!!!

May the lord give you enough courage to enjoy this post!! Arent you laughing..
You ought to.. if you arent .. investing your time in reading the post again isnt a bad idea! And if reading this made you ponder whether or not I am an IITian, well yes Iam .. I know Birds without any feathers are screwed together!

Monday, April 16, 2007

Soul Connection ...

Life is something which I seem one can never understand . We set out thinking to dictate terms to life but end up following rules set by it! Polluted Heart is a much worse scenario compared to polluted mind. Soul is influenced by the desires of heart, its functioning is enhanced by the thinking of mind. Enhancing purity of soul is favoured by deed and speech of the person within you.. The more pleasant one appears the more closer is your soul for salvation. Character is an exhibit for soul. The more nobler you are.. more eminent is your soul! It is a war between the soul and desire, latter leads to cycle of rebirths and the former will transform you into an universal soul .. So its all boils down to understand "Are we men enough to pick ? "

Thoughts are Forever...

Thinking of my past which was grovelling with unhappiness I try to seek the fruits of my deeds . Giving a second chance to my life I step into the present with a set goal in mind. To understand and reach out to the person within me, I try to transform my thinking into reality. I just want to try once again to cherish the fruits of my deeds which were wasted in the past to bring a fresh look and smile on my face. Everyday I wake up thinking about the same things in the same manner which could well be the beginning of transformation of person within me...

I’M PARTIAL … That’s the way to go!

There seems to be something which helps me in the time of need but I don’t seem to understand the reason or rather I guess I cannot reason out the cause behind every action in this world .Sometimes I seem to get weird questions regarding the basic meaning of life which always remains unanswered . Ever wondered why everything seems to happen to us rather than how to tackle them? We seem to have lost the basic grip why we need to lead such a life!

Everything in this world appears to be materialistic and I guess it truly is. Everything seems to fall in place when I think about why there is divide or rather what is the divide that brings in differences among us? The theory of Karma or Salvation seems to mean sense when we start understanding the meaning of life. Life seems to be completely different when I place myself or rather look into life of others who leads a completely different style of living. From Childhood I use to think why is everyone partial towards someone in this world but I now seem to understand that, when God himself is partial to certain extent after all we are human .. Can we escape from its clutches? Certain things remain unanswered even after pondering over it for long... isn’t it?

Monday, April 02, 2007


You made me,
A blindfold funambulist.
Hanging between the sky and the earth,
Risking the rope and an odd bare foot.

You made me
Feel the warmth of love, in your lacy arms.
Holding me like a mother,
To her nipples.

You made me,
Walk holding your hand along lanes and hills,
Among dust and stones,
On May blooms, under November rains.

You made me,
A reticent contrivance.
Turning my heart into a harp,
One that only you can play.

You made me,
Fathom the power of love.
Trust me dear, I shall be your beau,
And never shall bid you adieu.

Monday, March 19, 2007

I...A Warrior

I stand a warrior,
Not by a granting wand.
It’s the way I slip away from all,
Just like the grains of sand.

I stand a warrior,
Not by a helping hand.
For innocent I stand a reliable friend,
and for the guilty, a fiend.

I stand a warrior,
Not by conquering land.
Stand with me, I shall bind,
For I am kind.

I stand a warrior,
Not by the desire to rule the breed.
Stand against me, such a one is hard to find,
I shall surrender kneeling on my hind.

I stand a warrior,
Not because I won over the world.
But, understand
It’s all in the mind.

Saturday, February 24, 2007

To Pakistan...With Love

Sun, moon and the stars at night we stare,
are there for all of us to share.
Why draw boundaries on this planet ?
and build up walls between our hearts.

If anyone suffers from a bruise
no matter where he is from
we should feel the pain of their wounds,
and our eyes should reflect their tears.

Life is beautiful,
and so is this world.
Why to make it unbeautiful,
increasing the distance between our hearts.

Friendship cements with difficulty,
but a mere second can destroy it.
Love is cure for every pain
Its the promise of peace.

Friday, January 26, 2007

Being Loved...

Your Vitreous Eyes …
neither Sovereign …nor pale…
hiding your innocent flush,
behind a cloud of sweet ignorance.
Why people who wish to conceal their heart,
forget not to reveal their eyes?

Even a languid glance of contest,
shall leave my heart less troubled.
For it will give a final caress,
to my dreams on the sand
taken away by a powerful billow,
and I stand… a feeble fellow.

Take off the sheath,
Rekindle the hope of my dying presentiment.
Or is it my fallacy?
For it was your never born thought…

Sunday, January 21, 2007


Perhaps every species on this planet has many issues, which are unanswered, humans are no exception. The ability to understand one own self leads us through a pretty complex lane, which has got many by-lanes. Let me start by putting before you a conversation between me and a friend of mine during my initial days at IIT Delhi …

Me: What is that you have gained by coming to this place?
Friend: I feel satisfied for I earned the seat for my hard work.
Me: What next?
Friend: I don’t know.
Me: What do you want to do… I mean what you want to achieve in your life?
Friend: I wish to be an engineer ….a a bright one!
(I didn’t see another being with such an excited face)
Me: How do you know that you are satisfied?
Friend: What sort of question is that?
Me: well let me frame it in a different do you define satisfaction?
Friend: I don’t know how to define it …I am happy for what I got… perhaps that is satisfaction.
Me: So you mean to say you are satisfied with your life?
Friend: No. I was talking about me getting into IIT. You tell me aren’t you satisfied with your life. I mean how do you define satisfaction?
Me: Satisfaction is a relative phenomenon. You feel satisfied till you don’t face a new situation wherein you need to work from scratch… it is time bound. No one can be satisfied with their life throughout. There will be hiccups here and there when you need to work your way through …
Friend: So what you want in life?
Me: I can’t take that question for I don’t know the answer myself.
Friend: neither do I …

The conversation drifted into other topics and died down at 2 in the morning. We still stood at that point where we were searching for the answer to the question what satisfaction is all about?

I had a keen interest to know the answer to the question was, I started observing people around me what is it that made them happy. Content, why is it that me and most of my peers aren’t able to identify what we want from our lives? After a long watch, I can say that many of us who didn’t understand what satisfaction is. …were either unable to recognize what it is or we are undergoing a phase of transformation from being pampered to facing the world ourselves… everything tends to be right…. everything is interesting and appeals to our mind to pursue it. But why is it that we are unable to judge what suits us. What is it that defines satisfaction of the person??

I find it interesting to understand that people tend to frame an opinion about the world depending upon his or her own surroundings, circumstances which were encountered, they tend to react in a manner which is intrinsically related to their way of thinking …. I find it amusing to note that transformation in a person is dependent not only on the above mentioned factors but is also dependent on how one event leads to other. Let us consider an example of a kid who is pampered a lot, he tends to think that everything is easy to achieve, when you get what you want so easily, rarely do we appreciate the fact that it isn’t that easy as it is made out to be , it is always easy to criticize a decision than to arrive at one … this is the fact which I understood when I was thrown into a situation wherein I was judged on the basis of the decision taken…situations which life offers are complex and tend to affect other parameters which we might not even think about.No matter how confident you are about yourself, there are always things that might surprise you about your own self.. just like vast spreads of water in the sea doesnt stop it from being thirsty.. its only that rivers understand it..