Saturday, May 31, 2008

My Assorted Musings

The constant struggle to simplify things is a well known and widely acknowledged practice. It becomes increasingly tough when we try to use the normal strategy in simplifying the reason(s) for our existence.

Like a rainbow which showcases a collection of colours (and the convulsions of long lost memories for those intellectuals in us), where the distinct line of seperation is lost (Does this speak of a phase of transition?), the reasons for our existence is also a closed knit fabric having lost their individuality ( and may I say, have subscribed to a dependent mode of existence) to create the soft continuity of the thread.

This post is a salutation for all the reasons,
registered for their influence on my unbending self and their help to twine the threads into this rope...'My Life'

Monday, May 19, 2008

Moments of Fun...Moments of Grief

Statutory Warning : This post is an attempt to understand the various shades of our living. People who wish to stick to the view that emotions are simple can safely ignore it.

What we normally perceive as an understanding of a situation rarely is the only observation that can be made from it. It is increasingly important for us to acknowledge the complexity of the situation and simplicity of our understanding.

The transition from a moment of fun to a moment of grief is subtle and speaks of the art of the rhetoric using the language called life. There needs to be a constant attempt made by one self to seperate out the various threads that are interwoven to create the fabric of emotions.

The main objective of this post is to speak of existence of no moment whose texture speaks of fun or grief alone. Any moment is always a coalition effort with representation both from the fun and grief camps.

I wish to quote a writing on an epitaph.. and it reads "Death leaves a heartache no one can heal, love leaves a memory no one can steal" . I wish to draw your attention to few points which might encourage the reader of this post to question the complexity involved in the above phrase rather than churning out a theory (no pun intended)

Few words which actually created significant interest in me (more so than the phrase itself which obviously did) are heartache and memory. These are moments which involve the faculties of heart and mind respectively. Death being an occurence attached with acknowledging the physical presence of a person, is more involved with the mind, while the love speaks of an emotion, connected with the heart more than anything else. It is interesting to understand the interdependence of these two emotions and the reactions they normally generate. The complex shade created by this dependence on each other is probably responsible in motivating a person to portray a different emotion.

Every emotion being related to our previous experiences or the interplay between any two emotions, it is easier to appreciate the complex shade of any moment with both the shades of fun and grief framing an integral ingredient of the composition.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

What if...

What if...
A moment to be lived isn't easier?

What if...
A memory wraps around us more than the usual?

What if...
An atheist can fathom the reach of the God?

What if...
A minute seems longer than a hour?

What if...
A tide visits the shore never to return?

What if...
An 'if' never existed in the vocabulary of life?

Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Mere Yaadein...

Aawazon main aawaaz ban gayaa hun main
Kya chaha tha kya ho gaya hun main
Misaal dete , woh ishq tha
Kisi Gumnaam gazal ka sher ho gaya hun main

Kagaaz paar girtaa toh akshar banta
Daag kyu baan gaya hun main
Shayad koi tasveer hain jo adhuri hain
Usme katra baan gaya hun main

Tasveer banai toh chitera
Gazal likhi toh shayar ho gaya hun main
Khiladi, siyasi, mosiqi
Kitne naamon main baat gaya hun main

Kuch kho gaya sa
Kuch bach gaya hun main
Shahher ke purane khandar si
Ek yaad ho gaya hun main

(This is a 'Gazal' written by a friend of mine Mr. Shival Kathe. I love this work and connect with it personally)