Sunday, October 10, 2010

Am I a Bad Person?

Life is a mixed bag. It brings us joy, contentment, happiness, love, friendship...sorrow, deceit, hatred, fear, grief. Living our life regularly, most of us are afraid to accept our feelings and thoughts. We fear to ask ourselves the question, " Am I a bad person ? " And on this subject I wish to talk about in my post.
This question  is particularly important to understand how sensitive  we have come to become about ourselves and everyday happenings around us. Besides, I think I am right in saying that our feelings and our emotions have been sorely understood by us. Each of us have gone through a period of doubt. It is during such a phase  in our lives that we wish to ask ourselves this question. We begin to reason out a possible answer for the question. 
My experience: The answer I sought helped me change the way I look at life...fill it with a positive vibe...just as visions of angels show positive changes through the intervention of fortunate events....Events in our lives are mere reflections of our thoughts. We need to fight the fear within...we need to ask ourselves this one question everyday, to put ourselves on the right path...reach out to life with full enthusiasm and cherish our existence. Lets live a happy life!