Monday, January 07, 2008

Let Silence be Heard!

Silence is perhaps the most interesting phase of a conversation. Seldom do we realize that conversation frames an attempt to acknowledge the sense and ignore our emotions. Its only during the interregnum between two phases of a conversation that silence steps in. Rarely do we understand the power of silence and the difference it creates during that moment. It can bind people together with a bond of imagination that can never be broken. For in times of confusion, it is your trusted companion. In times of sadness, it has the power to console you. In times of anger, it will give a reason to think. Fragility of our thought added with Dignity of the Soul seek silence and surrender before it.

Apt is the line "Ubi Maior, minor Cessat!" People surrender before silence which has a different set of rules. It advocates divinity of thought and cruelty of the soul, for it minces your thought to reach to the level of self-realization , it churns your soul to raise its immunity to face cruelty. Silence never really gives birth to profound thought. It only plays the priest at your apotheosis to the level of a divus, when confusion about your actions ceases to exist. It places a quilt of tranquility over the logic and allows your emotions to reason it out. And this happens to be the reason behind many profound thoughts, for it fills ours space with a different paradigm of existence.

So do realizations happen when you listen to your heart or simply Let Silence be heard ?