Sunday, July 04, 2010

July 4th...

Somewhere in an unKnown City—during a winter night,he stood outside on an empty street—for years he will remember the wait.With  energy drained, and his fingers failing to recognize themselves, he was treated by a  lopsided gesture—snow and silent tears. But as he stood to turn cold, his inner voice said in rather non-preppy terms, "There was no way that you are treated with dignity—even if you have come from a far-off land, you still are a stranger." If  he was told earlier, it would have been a discounted experience from his life.

This was not how it was supposed to end—23-year-old darling with the fairy-angel looks, the outlandish wardrobe and the very improper private-school vocabulary. She was born in Peru, the lady of his dreams for years. but she grew up in Houston— fashioning an attitude which he tried hard to understand—never understood.Though he was also 23, had fared just as well as anyone else in life, he was treated like a foil by the flashy, Peruvian-born American.

She led a life of ingenuine primer, albeit with dark secrets. He was clearly the aggressor and  sought the ring from the start. Even in the early going, before he could truly understand her, she seemed listless, with her spark or  rather purposeful activity. He showed great support that was expected to keep faith. She responded with indignity and callous affection.

He kept staring at the deserted road, filled with snow. His two fingers clinched, and he started walking away—she betrayed him again. He hesitated a moment and then turned back—struggling to say goodbye. But things have come to an end—deceit and a string of lies did the trick. She continued to relax with a warm cup of tea, reclining with her right arm over the couch—with little or no concern.

Though he stood by her during the storm—expecting a return of favor was a sin. By that point she deserved the hype—scoring for the current favorite. And then she said to herself, "This is all part of being young and ambitious. I nibble on the innocent ". She continued to seek her life, with all respect and glory. 

He is lost in search for his consciousness, even till today—July 4th.