Monday, December 22, 2008

Year 2009: Ode to Renaissance of Self

This post is an attempt to record my feeling today, about how things need to unfold in the coming year. I do not say Year 2008 was boring or unpleasant, but I strongly feel things can get better. I wish to see more clarity in my thought, and also the needed strength to turn my thoughts into action.

Why I wish to record it today i.e. Dec 22nd 2008, I wish to acknowledge the short length of the day today, see the sun set on this interesting year and allow myself the graceful view of an early sun rise next year. I eagerly await to see calmness, for this turbulence is disturbing me beyond description.

I wish to know more, build on what I am now, to create that difference for myself, to seek the dividing gap with strength, and courage to fill it in...I hope!

Happy New Year 2009!