Saturday, May 14, 2016

ABC-CS: Humble Beginning

Re-inventing our Glorious Legacy, Preserving our Culture and Igniting the Intellect within

Contributing and giving back to the societies which we are privileged to be part of, is an integral part of every Brahmin household’s ethos. This complements the role that we play at work, every day, as the intellect behind actions, as an enabler of things amongst others.
Brahmins, in Andhra Pradesh and beyond, as we all know have an extraordinarily rich and varied cultural heritage. Over the last few months, it has been our aspiration to create an institution, to play a role in nurturing, preserving and promoting needy men and women from the Brahmin Community in Andhra Pradesh. And we have been extremely fortunate to have had been given this opportunity by Chief Minister, Government of Andhra Pradesh Sri. N. Chandrababu Naidu Garu, to engage with the community, partner with selfless torch-bearers and world class institutions for greater good of the community.
Our journey began on October 31, 2015, when Andhra Pradesh Brahmin Co-operative Credit Society Limited was registered as a Government of Andhra Pradesh Undertaking to offer credit and saving options to Brahmins from within the State of Andhra Pradesh and beyond. Our engagement with the community, had a humble beginning, with a membership of 1800+ members, and growing with every passing day.
 On March 8, 2016, we initiated the Sthree Shakti Groups Micro-credit Programme, through which multiple JLGs will be extended micro-credit, as an enabler of micro-entrepreneurs, Small Scale Self-Help Groups. We are in the process of rolling out schemes to support youth from within the community, to encourage entrepreneurship and up-skilling.
We have started our retail-credit operations, and are now accepting applications to open saving accounts with us.
As our engagement with the community continues to deepen and evolve, we are extremely excited to be playing a small role. We hope that you too are able to join us in this journey. If you have any ideas or suggestions, please do feel free to let us know.
- Abhijith Jayanthi, CEO @ ABC-CS