Thursday, January 17, 2008

When Things go Green!

This post is related to one of my personal experiments. This is an attempt to " Go Green". It has nothing to do with the trend in recent years of "green consumerism", the fast growing market for more environmentally friendly products. Neither is it an attempt towards convincing others to protect the environment! It probably is only an innocent tryst with artificiality - an attempt to see greenery around even when nothing exists, send across a positive vibe and seek credit for my actions to "go green". What do you think?


You abandoned me...
Inside the vacuum of another night,
with sweat and muscles so tight.

You abandoned me...
In this world: colorless and fake,
with no flowers by the lake.

You abandoned me...
In search of my soul,
it takes more than just to say so.

You abandoned me...
For I didn't learn to look,
beyond the thin wall of the heart.

You abandoned me...
To drown where the water parted the land,
I only sought a helping hand.

You abandoned me...
To listen to the sirens sing behind the moon,
can't I seek an other boon?

You abandoned me...
For all I asked for,
is to be abandoned in your arms.

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