Friday, August 29, 2008

Day Off...

P.S.: This post is an attempt to record my feeling of relief... the first day off.

I always felt the transition in life happens when you are well equipped to handle least that is what God plans for us...But life is all about expecting the unexpected, my transition from college life into working environment happened rather quickly, or I should put it as 'I was not prepared for it'. Work Life is SO DIFFERENT... I feel people live an artificial existence while at work...never have the courage to be their true self. With greater emphasis laid on corporate working style, people are losing out, not understanding the skill-set that got them the job...their individuality...

For me, this day stands as a relieved one feels to walk the life on one's own terms...before slipping into the routine again...We have choices and we have chances..but unfortunately we cannot exercise both of them at the same time...period!

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Lets Master: Act of Understanding

Certain questions in life remain unanswered and keep coming back at you, no matter how hard you try. Perhaps, one of the reasons being lack of your effort to tie up all the loose ends..It is also amazing to learn how few places, experiences are needed, to excite you to think again.. be lost in those lanes of memory which were long forgotten, understand how things stand at the present and seek a better understanding of the situation. It becomes even more complex when there are no available channels of communication..

Now, I am thinking over issues which must have been addressed long ago... lethargy in channelizing the emotion is as equally wrong as lethargy in its expression...It is important to board the train when the time is right (either when you wish to travel together or when you want to go your own way) rather than to remain on the tracks to create an environment of parallel existence..close enough to seek a better understanding...yet so far, for the train of communication is long gone!

P.S.: This post is an outcome of my effort to understand self... an interesting experience in Dubai....I wanted to record the memory of this effort... dated August 18, 2008.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Life : A Complex Web of Emotions...

Is it only me ? or is it the same with everyone? Why is it tough to speak our true feelings... It is surprising to see how artificial we get when we make an effort to hide our true selves. Every person has an interesting and an unique way of creating a false identity of emotions...rather than making an effort to understand and truly portray our emotions, we tend to be a different person.

This post is a reminder for myself to make an attempt to truly understand what we are and try to be true to our emotions.. for I strongly believe, only when we respect our emotions.. emotions will respect us!

Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Morbid Reality: The Final Hitch

Many times I have heard the phrase 'Its all in the mind', but never heard about how to prioritize our activities and win over the fear in our mind. Passion and interest dictate our actions at the start but as we near the final step of taking the significant leap forward, fear of consequences rules supreme. Its this challenge that speaks of how we transform from being passionate to being reasonable and logical...We seldom realize that passion alone will be the wind beneath our wings and creates the difference... achievers are those, who can still pursue their passion neglecting the fear.

I wanted to write this post .. as a reminder for myself to seek passion over fear...passion is what needs to feel our hearts.. and focus to achieve what we are passionate about should fill our mind... I reckon I will be able to do so... for its all in the mind.

Sunday, August 03, 2008

Perception of You by Me

What makes some people dearer to us is probably not just the happiness that you feel when you meet them or when they are around ...but the pain you felt when you miss them. Perception of you is probably beyond my faculties of have grown into a thought...thought that lives on even when you are not around...thought which made me smile every time I am reminded of it and if I had to pull a star on every such occurrence ... perhaps all the stars in the evening sky will be in my palm...

You with that unearthly sparkle like drops of water on a lotus leaf, fascinate me to understand myself better ... in my quest to understand you better... You.. wrap me with a feeling of unknown warmth that allows me to sleep through every night...waiting for you to come the next day.. bringing in more warmth and light into my life...I love to welcome you today...and every day for rest of my life!