Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Prologue: Six Triangles of Human Existence

This post and the subsequent posts under this theme are only meant for people who wish to understand philosophy from an individual's point of view rather than the accepted notions of religion. I need not stress on the point that subscribing to a religious belief or rather an ideology doesn't meant that one is totally supportive of the entire religious doctrine. A point(s) of difference exists and I say , is the reason for our existence. Differences in thought, in action sustains the juice for everyone of us to appreciate. Similarities cant generate interest, all of us seek that difference between the two individuals, difference between our aura and the aura of the supreme soul. What I wish to talk about under this theme is that I wish to present my view or my understanding of scheme of things. Individuals , their actions, moral values. decisions etc. are all a part of the bigger picture of understanding their philosophy. This is an attempt to put my thoughts in words so that, people (which includes me) will be able to appreciate the emotions behind my words.

Soul Connection is one of the post which was an attempt to understand and view people with respect to how the entire equation is controlled by a supreme soul and we are all a part of it trying to align ourselves towards to attain salvation. Few considered it an amateur effort to fill the void within me, with a sense of understanding self rather than facing the reality.

Critics and their analysis is always a help, for the amount of emails I received regarding the soul connection drove me to explain my primary belief to see the bigger picture rather than keep ourselves to the small bits of it. This attitude to live life as a collection of moments rather than the moments alone was the major point which was debated in my post Are you in next?

I wish to take this opportunity to thank all the readers and the curious of you who mailed me to understand what I meant through that post. The reason I wish to speak of it now, many days after it has been posted is I still receive emails asking me to explain that post in a more simple way. This post is only an acknowledgment of the fact that I am grateful to those who instigated me to explore that thought once again and present my perception.

Analysis is possible only when things stay the same, which is not the case. Learning is a continuous process and we evolve into a better being every single day thinking about how the difference that exists can be understood better. This Series is an attempt to look at my thought expressed in Are you in next? from proximal quarters . Though this frames my or an individual's perspective on happenings around us, it definitely would stand as a better projection of the idea listed in Are you in next? . I hope the readers would enjoy it.

Before I close I wish to convey my sincere feelings of gratitude to Ms. Anania from Greece who convinced me to pursue this idea of expressing that thought (lost in the annals of time) elaborately through this series. I encourage everyone to comment for it would help to know you as well as myself better !

Stranger Vs Self

This post happens to be the result of my another tryst with Silence. Firstly I understood that silence can come visiting not only between two phases of a conversation but also when moments of the past seem to weigh heavily on you.

I came across the line 'To know where you stand in life measure how lonely you sleep in the night, not the crowd that surrounds you in the day' when I was talking to a friend of mine. Memory did the rest to bring forth memories of the past, moments which were long forgotten. This was an enough invitation for the consent of silence to come visit me. This meeting was rather pleasant one, if i describe it that way. It made me understand how life defined as collection of memories seems to enjoy a lonely existence.

Are dreams only a experiment of our imaginative creativities or the delicate realities of our thoughts. How I had to grow over looking from within my self to look from beyond self. To visit ourselves as a stranger needn't always be a pleasant experience. Moments arise and pass , days move out , nights move in creating that rift between the two beings within you. Its tough to understand that we need to rise above the conflict between the two and pull ourselves to be a stranger, to our own self to see the larger difference beyond the differences between the two beings within us.

Its tough to know whether we have the dare to seek the company of that stranger .. the only thing i can say is "Its definitely worth it".