Friday, June 29, 2007

Schmaltz of Life

Gone are those years,
When came true my worst fears,

Bewitching a cloying dullness.

Gone are those years,
when I was all ears,
for things which were superfluous.

Gone are those years,
When I was thirsty for tears,
to thread back the lesion of thy love.

O come thou years,
When I am not
piqued with fears,
For I am left with none.

O Come thou years,
When none is led by what one hears,
Being judgmental isn’t a vile recompense.

O Come thou years,
When I am appeased with tears,
Learn to conciliate with realities.

O Come thou years,
When life will come into gears,
For all Near and Dear.

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Italian Rhapsodies...

More you understand, the more you respect the proclivity of Italians for laid-back kind of a life. The simple essence that things seems to take their own course and no one has to fill in the requirement of the resources to make things happen. Art and humanity are few of the important issues on mind and churning out theories to understand why things were the way they were is one of the best ways of spending time 'productively'.

Italy.. The land of the art..lives in 'Dine with Tine and Wine' kind of a approach towards life. Creativity is lost in the by-lanes of understanding Art.. Its time to start introspecting into the 'off-the-world' approach and to give a serious thought to grasping the opportunities that are presented..

With best Compliments..Grazie!