Sunday, March 07, 2010

Please Note : Its You....

Stunning beauty that I could ever imagine,
is realized by my eyes.

So closely pulled onto my heart that I could hear,
the silent whisper in my ears.

The temple bells ring...announcing the much awaited arrival that I am astonished,
to understand that you are so immensely inspiring.

If only one could see it so closely as I did.

Dignity : Isolation

All I said...
Pick no flowers,
plant no roses at my side.

All I asked for...
When I am silent,
speak to me from your heart.

All I wish...
Respond to you perhaps,
but I leave it to you to appreciate its need.

All I seek...
An alternative,
when silence is not preferred.

All I promise...
I shall be so,
while you speak with your eyes.

All I shall be...
Unfortunately still breathing,
living in isolation amidst people around.