Welcome to Threads Page at SimplyJITH Blog. This page showcases various lines of thoughts I have been pursuing at SimplyJITH Blog. Each line of thought covering a specific area of my understanding/ personal research in the field of ethics and my attempt to explain my experiences revolving around that thought can be understood as a thread at SimplyJITH Blog.

First Edition
Avowal Series 
Avowal Series is a statement asserting the existence of influences in my life. It is a collection of poems by me (in sets) dedicated to everyone who have had small/great influence in my life. The first edition was released in 2008 and included a mention for people who have had positive influences on me. The second edition was released in 2010 and included mention for people who have had negative influences on me.

Tranquility : Focus
Most of us, suffered/suffer from the same dilemma : moving from a state of complete helplessness to a state of being focused in life, in regard to what we want from life.This work is my attempt to put together all my experiences and a possible solution to work with. Prologues to my first chapter and second chapter are available, comments are highly solicited.

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