Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Voices of Fear

Note: Today, I wish to present before you, an unique observation about emotions. In this post, I shall examine how the emotion 'fear' is a driving force for various emotions. 

Fear is an interesting emotion...The more we try to understand the root cause for any emotion and actions related thereof,  fear features as one of  the influencing factors. Voices of fear from within, which  tempt us to  lie, cheat and deceive people in our lives...voices that never help us realize that a relation is a promise... a promise of trust, never to lie and be true to each other...can only be dispelled by trusting the voice that comes from the heart...voice that shall help us understand the essence of living with a beautiful rose, with its fragrance filling the space around us.

Love and compassion for others, for the world itself is what we need to respect and try to imbibe into our actions. This alone will help us grow over the fear of unknown, fear of losing what you have or of not getting what you want.  Try it!
Place: Cambridge, MA
Date:  14th Feb 2010