Sunday, August 22, 2010

Easement : My Life

To,                                                                                                                  Date: 21st Feb 2010
Depository of Dreams.

I always wondered what my dreams mean? I  have come to believe that each of my dreams give a peek into  what the future holds for me and people in my life. Today, I wanted to share one such dream of mine, that turned into reality.

A prisoner was seated at a table, and an officer of merit was standing across the table. After few moments of silence, a conversation ensued. The prisoner said, "It is a tremendously hostile world that I endure...I am here to survive. It is natural that everyone has an instinct to survive. I learnt to live my life the way I do, after understanding what tremendous feats human beings are capable of once they abandon dignity." Both were silent for a while, and then the officer said, "Acquire a heart...only then you can call yourself human, and understand what suffering means. And what you call a tremendous feat, is in reality a heinous act."

And then I woke up...

Today, I understood...she was the prisoner, and the officer was me.

In complete honesty,