Saturday, July 31, 2010

Sweet Poison

" You are what your silences are... All the noise you make is for the World..."

You are one of the intentionally best-kept sinful secrets of your world.  No one  can really tell what you truly have come to become, for you never spoke the truth...all you knew was how to deceive, but not how to love...Allow me to share your story not hold such an ugly and sinful truth close to my heart, to not cheat or deceive others for protecting you, to seek beyond you is, a multitude of unique blessings. 

New to your ways, I remember the delicious agony of waiting through a seemingly interminable night for the magic dawn of morning. In my eager anticipation of the wondrous surprises awaiting us, I forgot the painful events that the long night presented. While living through the night, there was darkness all around with no logical reason for your actions. The agony to seek a plausible reason for the same is beyond my faculties of description. In my anxiety to marry happiness I neglected the many unique indications to protect myself, not only from such a false hope, but from a deceiving exaltation. To live through the night, to see  the light of the  realize that all you possibly can do is to deceive your parents and those who love you is such a learning experience.

I learnt my lesson,  to  look for answers...not in what others say, but  in their  and your heinous existence are merely an instrument for this lesson. May the Lord show mercy on your parents, for they are not at fault for what you are today - a sinful existence worthy of death and nothing else...Amen!