Saturday, June 30, 2012

Humility Sold: Trip to Failure Town

It is history that we find no connect to – we tend to ignore, but it is this subject which gives us stories to reflect upon. We are to learn from the experiences of our predecessors and grow – into better beings.  As an old proverb reads: The tree bearing the most fruits is the one which bends the most and survives the wind – People who stand tall in their false ego and pride, fall flat when the harsh winds of time blow rampantly; and the ones who bear the fruits of wisdom, prosper with their goodness and humility.

It happens so often in our everyday life – we don't realize the worth of anyone else around us or relate to any of their dreams. For a leader to come through, it is a collective dream – dreams of many, evolving together to pave the path for the leader. It is essential that one realizes the importance of every brick in the wall. Today, all of us are so engrossed in our own work and our self that we do not have time to acknowledge this.

I believe that a significant test for understanding one’s leadership potential is his or her humility. Leaders realize – have a curious feeling that the greatness is not of them, but through them. Never too late, let us start to be one – a true leader.

- abhijith