Saturday, July 31, 2010

Sweet Poison

" You are what your silences are... All the noise you make is for the World..."

You are one of the intentionally best-kept sinful secrets of your world.  No one  can really tell what you truly have come to become, for you never spoke the truth...all you knew was how to deceive, but not how to love...Allow me to share your story not hold such an ugly and sinful truth close to my heart, to not cheat or deceive others for protecting you, to seek beyond you is, a multitude of unique blessings. 

New to your ways, I remember the delicious agony of waiting through a seemingly interminable night for the magic dawn of morning. In my eager anticipation of the wondrous surprises awaiting us, I forgot the painful events that the long night presented. While living through the night, there was darkness all around with no logical reason for your actions. The agony to seek a plausible reason for the same is beyond my faculties of description. In my anxiety to marry happiness I neglected the many unique indications to protect myself, not only from such a false hope, but from a deceiving exaltation. To live through the night, to see  the light of the  realize that all you possibly can do is to deceive your parents and those who love you is such a learning experience.

I learnt my lesson,  to  look for answers...not in what others say, but  in their  and your heinous existence are merely an instrument for this lesson. May the Lord show mercy on your parents, for they are not at fault for what you are today - a sinful existence worthy of death and nothing else...Amen!

Friday, July 23, 2010

Life: Switcheroo

I always felt, my sense of existence was because of I love, to be by your side through thick and thin, never let you cry...never let you sigh. Life is a jigsaw with blank spaces to fill, it is up to us to figure out how to pick from choices we have. All I always wanted was just a little something...beautiful and sweet to fill  the void. I wanted you to add meaning to my look beyond the blank space, to  absorb happiness from around complete my picture. 

This was my method for happiness. Spaces once filled add meaning to life. To hold  more than one piece to fill the void, is to hold too many to paint a beautiful picture. To place one over the other, spoils the picture and nothing else.

Learn to turn around and seek with honesty. Life is like a book, what matters is how good it is, not how long it is about how beautiful is the picture you make of it...Life is a switcheroo.

Friday, July 16, 2010

Relation : The Conquest of Differences

I always felt that actions were a secondary representation of  an emotion, just as speech was a secondary representation of thought. The speaker has something in their mind; words were found to express that thought. The effectiveness of the words  should not be a parameter of evaluation for the thought. Likewise, intention plays a primary role to understand the truth of an emotion.

This kind of a schematic in regard to emotion, will speak of a comparative approach. Actions frame a method to express our emotion,  and their effectiveness  is a step towards the truth involved  in our intention.  Sometimes, our actions are a poor representation of our emotion, the farther we are away from the person, the less we are understood. If we compare relation to a statement in literature, the philosophical bases of an emotion and a relation provide perhaps the most elaborate critique of the logocentrism involved. 

For a relation, it should not be a forceful communication of the essential truth, since understanding and respect for each other should come from within. All communication, be it spoken or written, merely convey fragments that might help one acknowledge the inner truth one already has, thus respecting  each other. Similarly, spoken and written words might convey not only thoughts but also are in themselves a kind of practice, and actually following the practice will lead to understanding.

Let us appreciate the linguistic behavior of the statement : Relation.

Monday, July 12, 2010

Elegy: Emotion

Friday, July 09, 2010

Archives of Hell

No one knows how many vulnerable kids especially girls are at a constant risk of physical and mental abuse. There is a need to list them as a vulnerable group to initiate a support function  to address this concern.Yet the sexual/mental exploitation and drug abuse that is an inevitable part of their lives, points to a serious problem in urgent need of attention.

The treatment they are subjected to, influences their food habits and attitude towards life. All of them  are subjected to and have experienced such treatment for different lengths of time. All of them seek more  freedom to control their environment, thus escape and break free from such treatment. This  creates a scenario of my "choice" and my "freedom and friendship decisions". This disturbs their social habits and approach towards life.  

Most of them are deprived, abjectly neglected children who are barely visible. With little or no  freedom to voice their issues with their parents, they turn into 'hard-hit' children. Such children become highly mobile  deprived of affection and normal upbringing. They suffer from an attitude change in regard to value education and fall prey to strategies like 'sex for comfort, pleasure and money,' and 'drugs for bliss and loss of pain'.

Lacking a supporting environment in more ways than one, these children fall prey to the worst  attitude influences that affect their outlook towards life. The motives to engage in  such behavior towards children include pleasure, immediate lust-reduction, inferiority complex and material gain (food, money, drugs).

There is an immediate need to address this concern. There is a need to open up the channel of communication with your kids, to engage them in discussion, create a space for dialogue. This will help them become more judgmental about their actions and consequences that follow.

Sunday, July 04, 2010

July 4th...

Somewhere in an unKnown City—during a winter night,he stood outside on an empty street—for years he will remember the wait.With  energy drained, and his fingers failing to recognize themselves, he was treated by a  lopsided gesture—snow and silent tears. But as he stood to turn cold, his inner voice said in rather non-preppy terms, "There was no way that you are treated with dignity—even if you have come from a far-off land, you still are a stranger." If  he was told earlier, it would have been a discounted experience from his life.

This was not how it was supposed to end—23-year-old darling with the fairy-angel looks, the outlandish wardrobe and the very improper private-school vocabulary. She was born in Peru, the lady of his dreams for years. but she grew up in Houston— fashioning an attitude which he tried hard to understand—never understood.Though he was also 23, had fared just as well as anyone else in life, he was treated like a foil by the flashy, Peruvian-born American.

She led a life of ingenuine primer, albeit with dark secrets. He was clearly the aggressor and  sought the ring from the start. Even in the early going, before he could truly understand her, she seemed listless, with her spark or  rather purposeful activity. He showed great support that was expected to keep faith. She responded with indignity and callous affection.

He kept staring at the deserted road, filled with snow. His two fingers clinched, and he started walking away—she betrayed him again. He hesitated a moment and then turned back—struggling to say goodbye. But things have come to an end—deceit and a string of lies did the trick. She continued to relax with a warm cup of tea, reclining with her right arm over the couch—with little or no concern.

Though he stood by her during the storm—expecting a return of favor was a sin. By that point she deserved the hype—scoring for the current favorite. And then she said to herself, "This is all part of being young and ambitious. I nibble on the innocent ". She continued to seek her life, with all respect and glory. 

He is lost in search for his consciousness, even till today—July 4th.

Friday, July 02, 2010

My Betraying Sweetheart....

As environments increasingly become complicated  for interaction, people characteristically take on the features of written forms of expression. Although ideas and arguments are being presented in written form, the life takes on a weird tone quite different from that of traditional forms of expression of love.  While this happens to be the trend these days, few amongst us stand as an example  for souls blessed with little or no character. Perception and respect for emotions are necessary ingredients which happen to be missing in relations these days. 

To use and play with emotions of someone, to lie and betray are considered evidence  for lack of  critical reasoning about self, and  little or no  intellectual growth and thoughtful contribution to self development. 

Discipline and respect for emotions and others in our lives, can effectively help us grow stronger as a being   and communicate our emotions in a better way,  even if we are to subscribe to non traditional ways.
As online interaction becomes more widely used these days, and as more people of all age levels participate in electronic discourse, it is important for us to consider how to respond  and cater to emotional conversations rather than lie and betray people in our lives. In addition to examining our self, and perhaps more importantly, we need to understand how these changing conventions may be contributing to the construction of  our personal lives these days, and more so, why we are turning  to  lies, and betrayal needs to be understood.  Let us respect emotions, people in our lives. What we are today, will pave way for our future.