Monday, November 28, 2011

Lesson : Rising Sun

This morning I was up just before dawn began to slip its soft orange glow over the eastern horizon. And even though the weather has grown colder and the days a bit cloudier, I still enjoy being up early and sitting with my first cup of coffee, watching the world around me come to life. There's just something solid as well as invigorating in being up early when the day actually begins.

I see those moments watching the sun come up a great start to my day, and it's a ritual I rarely depart from. Today, there is a lesson that I learnt – Your willingness to give up a bit of shut-eye for the personal satisfaction of doing something you truly enjoy can pay off in better physical and emotional health.  If you're a night owl – there are reasons for making the switch.

Nature prescribes change – to grow from within. People often change for two reasons. It can be either that you have learned enough that you want to change or you have been hurt enough that you see the need to. I hope you'll take a few minutes to value yourself and follow the prescription – to be a better you!

 Abhijith Jayanthi

Date: 14 February 2010
Place : Boston

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Relationships: Victims of Trust Deficit

It is important to understand how present day relationships enjoy greater degree of trust deficit – result being they are often short lived filled with selfish needs. A wise man once said, "First we try, and then we trust....” which aptly sums up the present day reality of relationships. Today, relations are initiated through a series of lies – which frame the foundation and that shall never last long.

Why did a relation not last beyond a certain point – what went wrong? Fights are common in any relation, but if both are honest with one another in a relation, they will live through it and see the brighter side. It is important that we seek true reflections of our intentions in our actions. If almost everything in one’s quaint little town of relations beguiles, from its architecture to its art to its warmth – relations do not last, and in the longer run one will lose respect for self. Relations are about trust, not about deceit or secrecy – intentions to be sincere in a relation matters the most.

Relations are meant to strengthen us emotionally and help us grow as a person – and not puncture our hopes and turn us into weak beings that simply exist. One should improve oneself to contribute and be true to every relation he is engaged with.

-          -  Abhijith
        Nov 11, 2011 – KL