Monday, January 28, 2008

Is it a Man's World or a Woman's World?

Before I proceed, I wish to state few points which might help my cause. Firstly, kindly don't brush this post aside thinking that this is a writing of a disturbed soul. Secondly, don't get judgmental about me rather I shall appreciate it if you think over the issue. Thirdly, this post doesn't mean I hate women or have a negative view regarding them but it is only an attempt to see reason and understand that everyone is equal and is equally worth. Lastly, this post will probably have scores of examples from India, so any non-Indian reader can appreciate it with some additional reading about the scenario of reservations, the social divide in an Indian society. I also wish to stress on the point that I have done considerable reading myself before writing this post.

India is a diversified country with few interesting yet baffling practices in place. I don't wish to get into the need for reservations on a ' you belong to which community' basis for that would invite a debate which I guess can never really materialize into an action plan with a strict cap on the duration ( for the uninitiated : Dr. Ambedkar 's recommendations for reservations for the backward classes were initially planned for a limited duration while the politicians had other plans.) What I wish to discuss in this post is one of most evident practice that happens across the globe : Atrocities Against Men which are rarely acknowledged. There’s some small comfort to be drawn from the fact that the number of serious cases under this umbrella being small. Most of them go unnoticed or are not reported.

Media, which nowadays is all over the place reporting about the loss of a hairpin of some woman, is not sensitive to few common observations in our daily life which I trust are a violation of human rights. One simple example would be the frisking that every passenger needs to go through at an airport : Women have the privilege of using a closure while men are frisked, out in the open. It simply exemplifies incidentalization and displacement which, together with exclusion are few of the strategies used in the media to marginalize and conceal the gender-selective victimization of men.

Feminists make the opposite complaint. According to them it’s violence against women, which is marginalized and concealed in the Media. One of the major points which this post of mine wish to talk about is that marginalization is a relative term which needs to understood and addressed with great care for few steps which are meant to address the greviances of the marginalized would actually pull the other group into the marginalized category.

Let's think of a scenario: There is a never ending debate that surfaces when we consider the admissions through JEE into IITs (I wish to speak of this for I am personally well equipped with the facts needed for the same) of gender based reservations . Why girls don't find themselves on the other side of the line ? "Give Us Reservations " is the immediate cry. This points to many facts in the Indian Social Fabric i.e. how the entire trend of being identified as a marginalized group was seen as a taboo earlier, while now groups ( Sometimes groups which aren't marginalized or are well equipped with) wish to seek the favor ( Gujar Vs Meena Fight) and call themselves marginalized. Added to this agony is the " Lets make something out of this" strategy of the politicians. Going into that debate would sideline the issue which I wish this post should throw light on , I wish to save that for some other day.

Men are equal players in the society ( Feminists wish to put it as greater players while I stick to what I just said) and are entitled for equal dignity. Minorities or the marginalized communities always wish to seek support from the authorities while this sometimes leads to playing the wrong card for the others. Similar to the observation of the creamy layers using the community based reservations for their advantage while the real needy for the same are not even aware of it, there is a growing trend of the advantage which is offered for girls for being " people who need help" category is used up by the "urban bred-not worth to seek the help" girls while the girls who really need them are not addressed. Now, understand the entire effect of such a trend: "Urban Bred- Cant seek help for we are boys" Boys are to suffer . The entire Rural-Urban segmentation needs to be well addressed in terms of extending help for any group. When there is a growing presence of Women Rights Commission in every aspect of our living, it becomes equally important for the Men to have one if we are speaking of equal opportunity. This is a misconception that only marginalized need voice. There is a need for Men Rights Commission to support the cause of men in case of false alarms. Using the law for our own good is not a relatively new phenomenon , which speaks of the growing need to understand the rising number of false alarms on rape charges ( when the boss is not supportive) , dowry charges (when marriage is on the rocks with no fault of the husband, or you simply wish to seek a change of your husband) . When I am pointing out these cases, I am not denying the fact that there would be genuine cases and those need to be addressed in the most severe terms possible, but what I wish to say is that when there is a case both the parties should be given equal chance to put forth their view . Indian Law presently speaks of no " Lets hear them first and then decide" policy but it only advocates " put him on suspension or arrest him and then lets hear what he has to say" policy. When we speak of not punishing even a single innocent person, is this development an apt one for the social framework? There has been scores of writings on the need for all these policies and protection for rural women but why don't the authorities understand the need of the urban male population ? 70% of India resides in villages , then the remaining 30% reside in the urban areas. We are the marginalized segment in terms of understanding the negative effects of it. while the urban "We need help because we are girls" segment enjoys the privilege which is not needed, the boys are to suffer.

There is a social trend that men should not complain and need to take everything that comes their way into their stride. For example, the number of girls who get admitted into medical colleges are greater than men, why isnt reservation considered for men in medical colleges? This conflict between the ego and performance based benefits will result in a greater number of men who are stressed and dont get the apt platform to start with or voice their opinion. This might even lead to marking of one another because of the advantage/ disadvantage one enjoys which might break the entire social setup. There is always a limit for the amount of help one needs to enjoy or one needs to offer because there are many groups involved and it might create a greater difference in the longer run. I request each and everyone who reads this to understand the need for a equal status of beings. Comments are highly solicited and it would be a great idea if you can push the link of this post to your friends through emails, I am sure this post is worth a forward over the normal " I was sick so I created this crap" forwards that fill your inbox just to see itself moved to trash or bin folder. I expect alteast few might be able to see some reason for what I wrote about or atleast it would be worth a laugh, both being equally worth for me writing this post.

The Wait...

Is it the wait,
for the unexpected joy,
to end the song of the solitary walk?

Is it the wait,
for the words of silence,
to fill the holes on the edge of the abyss?

Is it the wait,
for the dagger of emotions,
to push itself out from the scabbard of fears?

Or is it simply the wait,
to live the feeling,
of these thoughts?

Thursday, January 24, 2008

A Walk I Remember

You walk...
Gait of which is never understood,
to seek beyond the black stalactites the sky offers.

You walk...
Tranquil soul and recycled dignity,
to surmise a meaning even for the spit on the sidewalk.

I walk...
Many a time with a frustrated desire,
that fails to open, for it lacks the Sun.

I walk...
Support the fingers: Enamel coated,
to alleviate the lotus and shake its waters.

We walk...
With a recondite purpose,
fragrance of which is the only memory I keep.

We walk...
Moments of no banal existence,
to experience 'A walk I shall remember...'

Monday, January 21, 2008

The Monday Mornings...

Burned leaves,
of the week's tale.

Closed account,
of the week's sale.

These gray mornings,
turn me so pale!

Friday, January 18, 2008

Comfort of Zephyr

Tonight I seek:
For those pearls of dew,
on the oaks to hew.

Tonight I seek:
For those wings of flight,
to give my cherished dreams a fight.

Tonight I seek:
For the depth of seas,
to gain strength to break the geas.

Tonight I seek:
You...Oh! Zephyr:The company of thee,
gives me reasons to flee.

Thursday, January 17, 2008

When Things go Green!

This post is related to one of my personal experiments. This is an attempt to " Go Green". It has nothing to do with the trend in recent years of "green consumerism", the fast growing market for more environmentally friendly products. Neither is it an attempt towards convincing others to protect the environment! It probably is only an innocent tryst with artificiality - an attempt to see greenery around even when nothing exists, send across a positive vibe and seek credit for my actions to "go green". What do you think?


You abandoned me...
Inside the vacuum of another night,
with sweat and muscles so tight.

You abandoned me...
In this world: colorless and fake,
with no flowers by the lake.

You abandoned me...
In search of my soul,
it takes more than just to say so.

You abandoned me...
For I didn't learn to look,
beyond the thin wall of the heart.

You abandoned me...
To drown where the water parted the land,
I only sought a helping hand.

You abandoned me...
To listen to the sirens sing behind the moon,
can't I seek an other boon?

You abandoned me...
For all I asked for,
is to be abandoned in your arms.

Comments are not invited for this poem for personal reasons.

Monday, January 14, 2008

Move On...

Listen beyond the voice,
of these memories.
What exists now shall never again repeat.

Seek beneath the layers,
of fallen leaves.
New ones are bound to grow after the fall.

Look through the spread,
of our fingers.
Its only the memories that we keep.

Wait for an other season,
till these emotions die.
Then I shall be reduced to just tears on your cheeks.

Silence of the Night

As in an old glass chipped,
memories advancing from the bottom of my Heart.

Perennial leaves that fall to the ground,
throwing in the light for a final time.

I shall fall like a shooting star,
into your arms oh! silence of the night.

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Oh! Coy Maiden

wear a hot torture on my mind,
and turned cold as dry ice.
Am I worth the tears when you sleep
and a place in the illusions you keep?
Strength is what I seek with hope.
Oh God! give us the reason to cope,
These moments put me on a tight rope.

with those thousand kisses bright,
wish to be my soul.
Am I worth this noble mien?
As the warmth in the summer,
is the breath between your lips.
As the Rose in May heat,
can I provide the shade you seek?

Oh! Coy Maiden,
is it a perception or a torn heart?
Or a reflection of our nostalgia?
I wish not to annihilate my soul,
And I mean no harm to thee.
As a bramble steel,
understand: Never we can set ourselves free.

Comments are not invited for this poem for personal reasons.

Gemini/Cancer Cusp

After repeated attacks on my own self to understand the seditious yet calm traits of mine, I wanted to experiment in understanding what the Zodiac speaks of my peers from the same cusp. After a series of refractory arguments about Gemini/Cancer Cusp, I came across an interpretation of the Zodiacs which reads as follows:

"Individuals born on the cusp of Gemini (the third Sign of the Zodiac) and Cancer (the fourth Sign of the Zodiac) are ruled by both Mercury and the Moon. These cuspians possess a large degree of brilliance and influence, and tend to control those around them. They dislike work which is perceived to be laborious and the inherent shrewdness here often enables Gemini/Cancer natives to attain the "world's goods" without a great deal of physical or mental effort on their part. Anxious to gain public favor, these cuspians generally succeed by virtue of their great tact and versatility. Interested in heredity and ancestors, this is often reflected in a desire to care for relatives and propagate the family line.

The Gemini/Cancer cusp combination, also known as the Cusp of Magic, correspondences symbolically to the period of human life at around the age of twenty-one. Romantic and inspirational, these natives often employ their talents and energies in the service of a higher purpose like family, religion, philosophy, arts and political or social causes, for example. These are individuals who can wholeheartedly throw themselves into devotional activities and often appear to be mild, even self-effacing characters. Many Gemini/Cancer subjects prefer anonymity in their careers, although there can also be more aggressive natives of this cusp who become assertive as they mature and have no problem in letting the world know who they are. Easily seduced, most of these cuspians have the ability to enchant those around them, both consciously and unconsciously. Such individuals do possess a rather sweetly innocent charm and need to be wary of being imposed upon. However, by virtue of the inherent defensive instinct associated with this cusp combination, even the most mild of these natives will be inclined to gently lay down emotional guidelines that should not be overstepped. The more aggressive of these cuspians are frequently well aware of their powers of persuasion and may employ such power without any qualms whatsoever in order to get their own way, even though others might be hurt in the process.

Blessed with charm and magnetism, Gemini/Cancer subjects can be remarkably cool characters possessed with a useful objectivity, and their reasoning abilities may well prove to be an effective foil to deep emotions. Falling within the influence of both Gemini and Cancer, these cuspians are, in fact, a rather interesting blend of logic and feeling. Thus, when an appeal is made to the emotions of others, it is done in a detached and thoughtful manner. Not ones to be easily upset, Gemini/Cancer natives inspire confidence by way of sympathy, concern and a willingness to help. They possess the knack of entering the hearts of those they love and a reluctance to relinquish that position, even when separations are necessary. These cuspians tend to be rather private people who are far from eager to grant others access to their inner world. They often fare best when they are able to work from home and will frequently set up such a home as a type of retreat or sanctuary. If the Gemini/Cancer native does allow another to share his or her living space, then such implies immense trust and a great deal of respect for the other person. An invitation to visit this highly personal world is more often the giving of a true gift or the reflection of a desire to share, rather than a sign of ostentation or need for sociability. Indeed, there is a danger here for these cuspians to isolate themselves from the society around them and retreat into an unproductive dreamworld. Such detachment will stunt the personal and spiritual development of these natives which could, later in life, be perceived by them as a sign of failure. Thus, remaining in touch with reality is important for Gemini/Cancer subjects and they need to find friends and partners who are more extroverted by nature in order to provide an essential link to the world. There is also a tendency for these cuspians to be passively selfish and others may view this as a demand for constant attention...a belief that the Gemini/Cancer cuspian thinks the world revolves around him or her. In short, the special needs and wants of these natives can impose heavy demands upon friends and intimates who may, at the same time, find themselves denying their own emotional and physical requirements particularly if they are sensitive souls.

From an early age, these subjects are inclined to be reckless and wayward, prone to neglect all other matters in favor of amusement and pleasure. Thus, it is important that the children of this cusp combination be guided by a vigilant eye and a firm but loving hand. The inherent persuasive power of Gemini/Cancer natives becomes particularly evident in matters involving money. The males of this cusp have no difficulty in obtaining control over the purse strings of their women friends, while the females of this cusp, with their ingratiating manners and wheedling tones, find it all too easy to secure liberal "loans" without having to provide any form of security. Losses or gains are of little importance to these cuspians. If temporary failure is encountered in one direction, it appears to be regarded as nothing more than a "stepping stone" which will help these subjects to regain their feet and there always seems to be an endless supply of backers waiting to provide aid. There will always be close family ties with siblings here and these natives often remain quite youthful and light-hearted throughout their entire life. This cusp combination is also likely to produce more ambidextrous people than any other in the Zodiac.

Due to the influence of Mercury (Gemini's planetary ruler), there is a strong desire in this cusp combination to take up new projects and switch occupations. This aspect greatly influences the inherently restless nature of Cancer, which has its own personal conflicts and contrasts. With the Moon in the ascendant, these natives need stability which, in an odd fashion, is provided by the "flashback" to Gemini. Those born on the cusp of Gemini and Cancer become extremely active during the daytime and all other customary working hours. Thus, such individuals are able to overcome the traditional nightly restlessness customarily associated with Cancer natives. This cusp combination has a strong sense of conservatism which restrains those it governs from adopting an unwise or questionable enterprise...a typical fault attributed to the influence of Mercury. Gemini/Cancer cuspians simply refuse to take a gamble or engage in undue risks beyond a well-defined point. Thus, these subjects tend to create their own brand of traditions conforming to an innate love of the old while accepting and enjoying the new. Basically, this is a very intuitive cusp combination accompanied by a broad-minded outlook and capacity for abstract reasoning. Emotion plays a key part in the lives of Gemini/Cancer cuspians, but it is checked and balanced with logic. The awareness and intellectual approach to life displayed by such individuals is often refreshing and the emotional honesty can be quite admirable. Gemini/Cancer subjects are suited to any of the occupations traditionally associated with the Sign of Cancer (often with a greater chance of success), as well as many other occupations courtesy of the high activity provided by the Gemini background. These are quick-witted individuals who are extremely intrigued with things around them and discover so much happiness in their own activities that they are able to shake off the retrospective moods which are such a handicap to the true Cancer subject. Once these cuspians have attained an aim, they move on to something else feeling that the more they do in the future, the more satisfied they will be when it becomes the past.

With regard to relationships, Gemini/Cancer cuspians can make for caring, flirtatious and playful individuals with the ability to understand the difficulties any loved one will need to work through. Nevertheless, the females of this cusp combination are extremely attached to their offspring and, in the event of a divorce, will abandon all else and make any sacrifice necessary to enable them to retain custody of their children. With an immense fondness for conversation and food, Gemini/Cancer cuspians find dinner dates with friends to be highly enjoyable. These natives are inherently inquisitive and literary-oriented, which means they embrace mental challenges with equal enthusiasm as they do physical ones. By virtue of a willingness to constantly try something new, they often make for excellent cooks. Their many interests result in an entertaining and stimulating conversationalist who truly loves people. They often enjoy team sports because of the family feeling a team frequently provides. Physical exercise and artistic endeavors either written or on canvas will allow Gemini/Cancer subjects to channel their swirling emotions into productive output.

Perhaps the greatest strength of the Gemini/Cancer cuspian is the blending of intellectual and conversational skills. In addition, with an inherently affectionate nature, this cusp is counted among the most caring characters of the Zodiac.

The most important lesson to be learned by Gemini/Cancer natives is that they need to curb any tendency toward excitability and overindulgence in diversions particularly during those times when the Moon is on the wane. It is also necessary for them to constantly keep an eye on the desired goal and resist the urge to drift. The inherent tendency to repress feelings should also be avoided. As with all cusp individuals, these cuspians tend to be attracted to others born on the cusp particularly those who fall within the Aquarius/Pisces and Scorpio/Sagittarius combinations. "

This post is only an attempt to understand my own self better. The moral of the story, it is better to leave well enough alone. Any happening is only transient; and if it was worth, memories of it will endure long after the feeling is forgotten. The Caravan must move on...

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Turbulence of Silence

This January was a turbulent month, not that I strongly believe in Dr. Bejan Daruwalla but most of what he has predicted or rather anticipated would happen, did come true. As always ( I don't know why I explain what I expect of any post), I am pretty sure that this post may have nothing which you can connect with, but I am sure you might at least spend some time pondering and that may be all that this reading might offer, but it is no modest aspiration to say so..

This month was a ride through the lanes and streets of the weird city of silence. Silence in abundance is tranquility. Tranquility helps us reach to that point within ourselves that we tend to connect with the free energy of the universe. Penance is probably one of the spin-offs of this ride. Critically, if I need to analyze how this ride brought with it an enriching experience then I need to put it as how it acts as an emotional drain. It fixes the fountain and then it drains us off the emotional slack helping us reinvent ourselves. So, this post is dedicated to my experiences with silence .. Thank you !


Ignorance is not a fault. But the only problem is when people read it as arrogance. Elements of stupidity exist in everyone of us. But you never know when they attain the stature of main stream behavior. Life and human emotions, I guess one can never get enough of, we set out thinking to dictate terms to life but end up following rules set by it!

"Are you actually buying into this harebrained idea? If so, let saner minds prevail yours. Step back from the situation and listen to your instinct. Is this really a good idea? Your intellect will tell you otherwise. Heed the warning.."

Thinking beyond reason is also an issue which i was confronted with. Words.. simple words have deep impact, taking you beyond the boundary of reason and logical chronology of events. Every value, moral definitions are relative and you tend to understand the subtle difference only when you face situations which I guess are beyond any description and human comprehension.

I am not speaking of a challenge but a struggle of Self Vs Self which I am sure most of us have had experience of, albeit without comparison or similarities. It needs a different mood to understand that you are loser and you yourself are the winner too. Personality is probably a rainbow of shades and you never know what shade your personality is projecting today.

To sum it up, I guess this post has no relative significance (not that most of the others had any profound influence on the readers except for few) to anyone except me and it stands a testimonial for yet another night which I cant forget...
P.S: I dont know why that paragraph alone is marked in violet..

Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Prologue: Six Triangles of Human Existence

This post and the subsequent posts under this theme are only meant for people who wish to understand philosophy from an individual's point of view rather than the accepted notions of religion. I need not stress on the point that subscribing to a religious belief or rather an ideology doesn't meant that one is totally supportive of the entire religious doctrine. A point(s) of difference exists and I say , is the reason for our existence. Differences in thought, in action sustains the juice for everyone of us to appreciate. Similarities cant generate interest, all of us seek that difference between the two individuals, difference between our aura and the aura of the supreme soul. What I wish to talk about under this theme is that I wish to present my view or my understanding of scheme of things. Individuals , their actions, moral values. decisions etc. are all a part of the bigger picture of understanding their philosophy. This is an attempt to put my thoughts in words so that, people (which includes me) will be able to appreciate the emotions behind my words.

Soul Connection is one of the post which was an attempt to understand and view people with respect to how the entire equation is controlled by a supreme soul and we are all a part of it trying to align ourselves towards to attain salvation. Few considered it an amateur effort to fill the void within me, with a sense of understanding self rather than facing the reality.

Critics and their analysis is always a help, for the amount of emails I received regarding the soul connection drove me to explain my primary belief to see the bigger picture rather than keep ourselves to the small bits of it. This attitude to live life as a collection of moments rather than the moments alone was the major point which was debated in my post Are you in next?

I wish to take this opportunity to thank all the readers and the curious of you who mailed me to understand what I meant through that post. The reason I wish to speak of it now, many days after it has been posted is I still receive emails asking me to explain that post in a more simple way. This post is only an acknowledgment of the fact that I am grateful to those who instigated me to explore that thought once again and present my perception.

Analysis is possible only when things stay the same, which is not the case. Learning is a continuous process and we evolve into a better being every single day thinking about how the difference that exists can be understood better. This Series is an attempt to look at my thought expressed in Are you in next? from proximal quarters . Though this frames my or an individual's perspective on happenings around us, it definitely would stand as a better projection of the idea listed in Are you in next? . I hope the readers would enjoy it.

Before I close I wish to convey my sincere feelings of gratitude to Ms. Anania from Greece who convinced me to pursue this idea of expressing that thought (lost in the annals of time) elaborately through this series. I encourage everyone to comment for it would help to know you as well as myself better !

Stranger Vs Self

This post happens to be the result of my another tryst with Silence. Firstly I understood that silence can come visiting not only between two phases of a conversation but also when moments of the past seem to weigh heavily on you.

I came across the line 'To know where you stand in life measure how lonely you sleep in the night, not the crowd that surrounds you in the day' when I was talking to a friend of mine. Memory did the rest to bring forth memories of the past, moments which were long forgotten. This was an enough invitation for the consent of silence to come visit me. This meeting was rather pleasant one, if i describe it that way. It made me understand how life defined as collection of memories seems to enjoy a lonely existence.

Are dreams only a experiment of our imaginative creativities or the delicate realities of our thoughts. How I had to grow over looking from within my self to look from beyond self. To visit ourselves as a stranger needn't always be a pleasant experience. Moments arise and pass , days move out , nights move in creating that rift between the two beings within you. Its tough to understand that we need to rise above the conflict between the two and pull ourselves to be a stranger, to our own self to see the larger difference beyond the differences between the two beings within us.

Its tough to know whether we have the dare to seek the company of that stranger .. the only thing i can say is "Its definitely worth it".

Monday, January 07, 2008

Let Silence be Heard!

Silence is perhaps the most interesting phase of a conversation. Seldom do we realize that conversation frames an attempt to acknowledge the sense and ignore our emotions. Its only during the interregnum between two phases of a conversation that silence steps in. Rarely do we understand the power of silence and the difference it creates during that moment. It can bind people together with a bond of imagination that can never be broken. For in times of confusion, it is your trusted companion. In times of sadness, it has the power to console you. In times of anger, it will give a reason to think. Fragility of our thought added with Dignity of the Soul seek silence and surrender before it.

Apt is the line "Ubi Maior, minor Cessat!" People surrender before silence which has a different set of rules. It advocates divinity of thought and cruelty of the soul, for it minces your thought to reach to the level of self-realization , it churns your soul to raise its immunity to face cruelty. Silence never really gives birth to profound thought. It only plays the priest at your apotheosis to the level of a divus, when confusion about your actions ceases to exist. It places a quilt of tranquility over the logic and allows your emotions to reason it out. And this happens to be the reason behind many profound thoughts, for it fills ours space with a different paradigm of existence.

So do realizations happen when you listen to your heart or simply Let Silence be heard ?

Sunday, January 06, 2008

Conflict : Mind Vs Soul

Life goes a complete circle making us fathom the power of emotions. Indeed, it is tough to acknowledge that realisation visits us after the action is already out there.

No wonder ' When Harry met Sally ' was great hit. It speaks of how experiences are beyond imagination ( read Human Comprehension) and archiving of memories and experiences doesnt help In that story Sally and Harry share a plane flight. Sally is in a relationship with Joe , while Harry is about to get married to Helen .Harry explains why men and women can't be friends, even if they're in a relationship with other people. They part ways again once the flight is over.
Is it the convention that Soul and Mind play opponents so that things happen in life , or is it simple coincidence. Pleasant are memories which never existed or rather they never are owned by one being. Is it a trade-off between the memories and happiness that bothers the human heart?

Love, Hatred, Friendship, Enemity, Strangers ... Everyone seems to be related and we indeed exist in a small world both physically and metaphorically. Living is a constant struggle to arrive at a compromise between the desires of the mind and values of the soul. In the triangle of Mind-Heart-Soul, this compromise plays on the heart and so on emotions.

Isnt there a way to win over yourself? People misinterpret that satisfaction is winning over one's heart but seldom do they know that it is about a successful compromise that defines satisfaction than understanding of the heart.

Fate, Destiny .. we can name a battery of words which are supernatural and are not within our reach of understanding. As Paulo Coelho puts it,"Fate is only the wind that drives your ship, it is you, who sets the sails of the ships and steer it along." . I trust it is our actions to arrive at the compromise that defines the direction of the sails and fate only fuels it.

I guess corrections, excuses are only a part of this drill to notice the right direction. Seldom do we find a pure existence and no one is any different. Varied Sizes of the fingers serve a purpose, so do these inflictions on the soul... Sorry I feel is not only a convention to speak of ending with a full stop, but also to look beyond to understand and channelise the sails of our ship!

No wonder, knowledge of the destination makes the ride boring and every experience forms a part of the adventure called life. Its about adjusting the weights for your mind and soul rather than changing the parameters in the compromise.

Excuse us all God!