Sunday, September 26, 2010

Dignity Paradox

Last night I could barely sleep, I felt like a little kid again, filled with anticipation and expectation.  I was filled with thoughts about various episodes in my life. Two hours later, I started to appreciate my existence and opportunities thereof. Life presents each of us a breathing chance to stand up  and compete. Many a  time, I have heard people talking about how life is a compromise and that we are to make choices accordingly. I have come to believe that life is not a compromise, rather it is our dignity and our belief in the same which creates the difference.  

There is a growing concern these days to maintain vitality and enthusiasm for life. But all the multi-tasking and constant rushing about we do on a daily basis makes it difficult to keep our enthusiasm going. When you think about it, with so many balloons in the air and such high personal expectations, it is no wonder that people feel  very sympathetic to their plight, and rarely understand the role of dignity in our lives.

Most of us feel that budgeting of  our dignity is one way to make things better, and  needed for a better life. Rather, it is important to realize that dignity plays a defining role in our actions and accommodate it accordingly. For your life to be everything you'd like it to be, everything it should be, you must face the world with every possible strength and tool, armed with the means and the determination to succeed, blossom, triumph, and prevail... and dignity is an essential part of it to remain in your best shape everyday, for rest of your life.