Friday, August 13, 2010

Salutation : Vicereine of Stupidity

HRH The Duchess of Nothingness.

I always trusted that our relation may tend to unite in a bond of close affection; with mutual respect, concern and appreciation ranging from the highest to the humblest. I always felt our relation shall be an example for great principles of liberty, equality, and justice; and shall promote our happiness, and add to our prosperity, and welfare.

However, with your incredible acts of stupidity you have positioned yourself beyond doubt that you never really understood : people are meant to be loved, while things are meant to be used. You always entertained a confused self, used people and continued to love material things around you. I fail to understand your justification to seek forgiveness, when you shall be presented to Almighty.
With no regard,
Victim of your selfish intentions/lifestyle.
Confidentiality: The contents of this mail are intended for HRH The Duchess of Nothingness. It contains information which may be of a confidential and privileged nature.