Saturday, January 17, 2009

Seeking CHANGE!

Sometimes, change becomes a necessity. It is definitely interesting to get used to a situation, certain lifestyle, but it is equally boring to stay the same. When I speak of change, I speak about the necessity for a change in our thinking, in our representation of situation and our outlook towards life. Possibly, solutions vary from situation to situation but what remains key is our will to seek change.

Life is a constant struggle to see a logical link in transition and that when one moves into a different phase, we still are connected to our previous history in a way that impresses us to move ahead and seek further growth rather than pull us down and seek solitude.

There are many examples to speak about this trend, when we seek change, how that influences us to question our present practices, understand the positives - take them forward, understand negatives - discard them, life is a learning experience with events teaching you the art of seeking a better state of existence.

Lets seek CHANGE!