Saturday, December 29, 2007

Heresies of My Existence

There existed…
A Second to look beyond days and nights,
two of its kind saw years keeping them apart.
Puritanical until the very moment, wasn’t it?

There existed…
Times when kids played with one another,
no one let them have a second chance.
Everyone is bound to grow, Weren’t they?

There exists…
Wetness beneath the slab all day,
seldom does the icing know about the cake that’s set.
Life doesn’t allow a middle drop, does it?

There exists…
“A Set line that’s shown”, told the paper,
better look beyond the line atleast once.
There is always a reason to smile, isn’t it?

There shall exist…
Places and memories: vastly different,
change this self and allow the little sea through.
Whilst Pound remains a set of pints, will you?

There shall exist…
Reasons when men shall shout “Place back that moment”,
the change won’t be large even when one moves miles apart.
Life will remain a collection of memories, Will it not?