Monday, August 27, 2007

Ayu Bowan Lanka!

Things simply dont change even when you switch shores, atleast that is the case in Asia. Sri Lanka, an island of paradise is the image that is sustained. An island which has disparity between Capital city of Colombo and the rest of the country. Sometimes, the concept of Karl Marx that leader should represent the group seems to be lost in an effort to stick to improve the indices of progress.

Not that I wish to push the Marxist idealogy but just that progress without equitable distribution will seek an urge within the population for a concentration of interests which might lead to a civil war. I am not being pessimistic , but it is obviously better to be realistic.

Be it China or Sri Lanka which are spoken of in regard to non-equitable distribution of wealth amongst its people , urban and rural development should go hand in hand to understand and truly represent progress. With country lacking basic infrastructure in rural sectors and concentration of efforts to improve and furnish Cities like Colombo alone with infrastructure speaks of vulnerability in case of a conflict . Becoming a soft target speaks of how country might plunge into poverty, for a country which is already subscribing to a string of issues , such a disparity is not called for.

This is a plea to the policy makers ( One point which impressed me about Sri Lanka over India is encouragement of youth to participate atleast in discussion in regard to policy making if not having a substantial say , which doesnt seem to exist in India even when Youth frame 54% of Population) to understand and focus on spreading developmental activities to various points on the island so that everyone gets a share of the pie!

Ayu Bowan Lanka!