Tuesday, April 24, 2007

The Blogging (F)art!

I happen to receive few comments on what I write on my blog, thanks to limited publicity of my blog and myself being happy about it. Recently, I have received many a comment on why I need to be writing about myself rather than writing on issues which doesnt frame out daily living.. The basic idea with which I started to blog is neither to discuss the upcoming city in China which is exclusively built keeping women empowerment( in literal sense!) in mind or blurp out crap just to increase the visitor counter of my blog, to be known as the elite who posts intellectual nothings everyday( Who has the time to read what you say? Only a equally jobless soul with all the time in the world to browse through your blogs religiously!)

So why am I taking the pains to explain things to the limited readership that my blog enjoys? Silence definitely speaks volumes about yourself, but it is always tough to understand whether the other person is reading you in the correct manner.. Friends.. Silence mean .. neither that I dont have a point nor I consider myself above the ordinary mortals .. that I dont deem it necessary to reply to your queries or comments.. Laziness my friends.. one of the boons to Mankind which is an equal opportunity employer.. providing the other contestants a chance to surge ahead when it is busy with one of us!

I seriously agree to the point that you need to have a sink wherein you can vent your emotions.. but hold it there... it is pleasant.. You neednt use the sink as a pseudo publicity device which not only showcases how desperate one can get to seek recognition but also it speaks about how the entire nation and mankind in general is investing time in unproductive activities.. Seriously ! Would you gain anything reading what I wrote ? Think again .. If your answer is nothing.. then friend read on.. atleast complete what you have started.. Dont you remember what you mamma use to teach you??
On the contrary! I know I know there would be none.. but there is always an exception to the rule.. if you feel I am making some sense( Yes... I am certain I am) then man you are the one I was waiting for.. the comments section is waiting for your name .. Few days ago I was pondering on a method to understand and judge " The Idle Person on this planet Earth" and man! arent you a serious contender! No.. No.. The competition didnt materialize as of now.. but friend.. do fill in the name so that I shall get back to you if we plan to organise one.( Even if we do then dont you think we would be eligible ourselves for the title! Well that makes it important for us to read the terms and conditions of any offer that comes our way.. it speaks of how the organising party cant participate..arent you seeing a 'Ray of Hope'? )

I am taking the complete responsibility of the above post and no one else is responsible ( Exception: Daydreamers) for any opinion raised in this post( yes I am calling it a post and not an article! Happy you sad souls!) You shall be seeing more of it in the future for I trust this world doesnt have space for some serious thinking .. one of my friends was using this caption few days ago.. and it truly is .. All that glitters is what is Sold!!!

May the lord give you enough courage to enjoy this post!! Arent you laughing..
You ought to.. if you arent .. investing your time in reading the post again isnt a bad idea! And if reading this made you ponder whether or not I am an IITian, well yes Iam .. I know Birds without any feathers are screwed together!