Monday, April 16, 2007

I’M PARTIAL … That’s the way to go!

There seems to be something which helps me in the time of need but I don’t seem to understand the reason or rather I guess I cannot reason out the cause behind every action in this world .Sometimes I seem to get weird questions regarding the basic meaning of life which always remains unanswered . Ever wondered why everything seems to happen to us rather than how to tackle them? We seem to have lost the basic grip why we need to lead such a life!

Everything in this world appears to be materialistic and I guess it truly is. Everything seems to fall in place when I think about why there is divide or rather what is the divide that brings in differences among us? The theory of Karma or Salvation seems to mean sense when we start understanding the meaning of life. Life seems to be completely different when I place myself or rather look into life of others who leads a completely different style of living. From Childhood I use to think why is everyone partial towards someone in this world but I now seem to understand that, when God himself is partial to certain extent after all we are human .. Can we escape from its clutches? Certain things remain unanswered even after pondering over it for long... isn’t it?