Friday, May 18, 2007

Avowal Series... Lets tote the truth

I recently decided to place facts and truth regarding few living souls out in public. Few of the main reasons which I shall discuss in this post may be a complete 'not-of any-use ' material for you.. but as I pointed in my earlier post ( Yes! I started accepting the fact that people blog.. posting irrevelant stuff.) I shall be speaking of things which you might not have been associated with yourself ( even remotely)

I wish to create a 'Avowal Series' bringing out the shades of few beings i came across as a special token of recognition. To be more realistic and factual, I wish to pursue a in-depth analysis before making conclusions. This would be the second project under SimplyJITH Creations. For the uninitiated, SimplyJITH creations would represent the face of any of the creations that shall have my name. The first project is rather a link-up project which would integrate all the activities which Iam involved with into a single tag name ( Yes .. Brand Identity is a concept which I recently subscribed to)

Avowal Series would be an analysis of few people I met in my life. Complete facts and truth ( relative definitions please!) would be addressed. One of the most important aspect of the entire functioning in this project would be it would be a 'open-to-all' Project .

You may be thinking what is it that invites this piece of development some space on my blog. Vertical integration is one of my the prime objectives for my first project which speaks of extracting the maximum benefits from other related projects which are run under the same tag name. Avowal Series would first identify few people who have made remarkable difference in my life and a sketch of their ideas and thoughts would be framed.

Hope you would be interested in watching this space for further annoucements regarding the Project...

Friends .. Lets tote the truth ...