Monday, May 28, 2007

Apparent Obloquies

Interesting are the ways of human thinking and understanding.. People tend to equip themselves with too many prior experiences that they normally dont have any room left to receive the present act to frame a view and decide.. Incidents transform our thinking which in turn influence incidents.. its a interesting cycle to be a part of.. Apparent is the word which I wish to use because most of the people are victims to the described concept with no knowledge about it. People have little room to incorporate the change or the transformation which the person or people went through..

It is interesting to understand that artificiality exists because of this reason. People tend to hold their view which leads to creation of an artificial shell around themselves and they are disturbed enough to neglect the reality . Added to this, influences from others are something which are screened and are selectively accepted , only those which supplement the present thinking but not those which radically oppose the present state of thinking. Actions are mere ' going through the motions' a formality left to be completed which would lead to creating a furthur divide and rise in uncertainty about thoughts regarding oneself and our surroundings.

People are often apprehensive in actually reasoning out any decision which is already implemented... Analysis on a personal and on an individual basis to judge about oneself and the attitude which they portray.. Technically speaking.. you might be thinking this is an area of psychiatry but when you seriously start questioning yourself .. isnt this an issue of a mind which is mislead and the leader is confused himself to decide and direct..

Do you wish to stand up and say.. 'Yes .. I need to frame views on the present act and not on the past.. Trust is something which is built on everyday but not just supplemented by add-ons.. ' so You are next.. Move on...