Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Morbid Reality: The Final Hitch

Many times I have heard the phrase 'Its all in the mind', but never heard about how to prioritize our activities and win over the fear in our mind. Passion and interest dictate our actions at the start but as we near the final step of taking the significant leap forward, fear of consequences rules supreme. Its this challenge that speaks of how we transform from being passionate to being reasonable and logical...We seldom realize that passion alone will be the wind beneath our wings and creates the difference... achievers are those, who can still pursue their passion neglecting the fear.

I wanted to write this post .. as a reminder for myself to seek passion over fear...passion is what needs to feel our hearts.. and focus to achieve what we are passionate about should fill our mind... I reckon I will be able to do so... for its all in the mind.