Friday, August 29, 2008

Day Off...

P.S.: This post is an attempt to record my feeling of relief... the first day off.

I always felt the transition in life happens when you are well equipped to handle least that is what God plans for us...But life is all about expecting the unexpected, my transition from college life into working environment happened rather quickly, or I should put it as 'I was not prepared for it'. Work Life is SO DIFFERENT... I feel people live an artificial existence while at work...never have the courage to be their true self. With greater emphasis laid on corporate working style, people are losing out, not understanding the skill-set that got them the job...their individuality...

For me, this day stands as a relieved one feels to walk the life on one's own terms...before slipping into the routine again...We have choices and we have chances..but unfortunately we cannot exercise both of them at the same time...period!