Saturday, August 23, 2008

Lets Master: Act of Understanding

Certain questions in life remain unanswered and keep coming back at you, no matter how hard you try. Perhaps, one of the reasons being lack of your effort to tie up all the loose ends..It is also amazing to learn how few places, experiences are needed, to excite you to think again.. be lost in those lanes of memory which were long forgotten, understand how things stand at the present and seek a better understanding of the situation. It becomes even more complex when there are no available channels of communication..

Now, I am thinking over issues which must have been addressed long ago... lethargy in channelizing the emotion is as equally wrong as lethargy in its expression...It is important to board the train when the time is right (either when you wish to travel together or when you want to go your own way) rather than to remain on the tracks to create an environment of parallel existence..close enough to seek a better understanding...yet so far, for the train of communication is long gone!

P.S.: This post is an outcome of my effort to understand self... an interesting experience in Dubai....I wanted to record the memory of this effort... dated August 18, 2008.