Friday, April 29, 2011

A Little More of a Woman

There is an inspiration behind every action/inaction in our life. There is a necessity to hold ourselves true to our belief, and learn from lessons, nature presents us with. To be or not to be is a question that will stay with us forever. To grow into a new person, become better is a constant struggle everyone of us are going through.A true account of reflection written by a friend of mine, inspires me to understand the struggle of being a woman.  I hope it will inspire you too! 


I was brought out as a little girl into this world
Little bells tied to my feet, a woman she will-be, thought all
Life went by soon, like just another girl next door
Soon came the youth, bringing in discoveries untold.
The mind then slowly got clouded with the deceptive world
And the heart paced faster than the  little bells of gold….
Nothing to stop, none to hear, no men, dare to come near….
Just an intellectual drive which knew only to raise the gears
The world filled with men, bothered my feminine pride n ego
A mere shallow thought that  my ‘self’ could not let go
Until one fine day, I happen to stop by  mirror that traced me
It reflected but strangely no little bells as far as I could see……
Instead a image, dark, neither a woman nor man, partly a beast;
There was sharp pain inside, could feel, the little bells, falling apart:
When sudden came a hand that strokes my fontanel heart:
I woke up, and found lying in front of the mirror again
Dreading to face the fierce I, me and myself in strain
But what revealed upon it was a vision beyond my human conceit
There I was, the ‘true’ me and the little bells sparkling thru my feet.
A sister, a wife, a friend, an aunt, a Mother- embrace to your will
Jingled loud and clear, to me, each and every little bell,
A toast to womanhood within, till my heart came to a peaceful Still!
Although the hand that caressed both me and my heart
Have left to another manifestation, dimension and beyond
She returned to me, the little bells, those I’d lost and ’ve found again
The bells now have found, both in feet and heart their designation….
For now, Am More of a Woman, am still within ,
And herein lies my journey as well my destination!
                                                       - Lavanya Nicola 
                                                         Place: Washington DC