Thursday, May 05, 2011

V – Key Leak Cable: Osama Calling Obama

Osama:  Hello Mr Obama!
Obama:  Holy Lord! I never knew technology got us connected to hell! Why don’t you leave US alone?
Osama: Hell? Me? Ok if it pleases you. I never say no.
Obama: WHAT?!?! Never say no?
Osama: I understand these little games of polity.
Obama: Polity? You are a serious treat! And we got you!  (signaling for the phone tap record) God bless United States of America!
Osama:  Running for your second term, no credible success stories, huge unemployment figures, invested 1.3 trillion USD over 10 years and Pakistan feeding on you for nothing. You needed me, and I never say no.
Obama:  Non sense! What do you mean?!?  I said yes I can!! And we got you!
Osama: Morphed Images of beginner level Photoshop, DNA link up with about to die sister (did she die yet?), Buried near the Sea – Shutting down with dignity and saving money on Pakistan for free!
Obama:  We got you! And it is true! Why would a self respecting dignified American lie? And for you! Never!
Osama: Dignified Americans wont, but politicians do – running for the re-election is never easy! I helped Bush too! I never say No!
Obama: Why did you call me now? What is it that I can do?
Osama: Yes you can! And remember, I never say no.
It is a rarity that I write about polity and related issues on my blog. But ever since I heard the news and facts associated with it, there was a possible theory hitting my mind, with an explanation: How the entire episode can truly be stage managed, and more so it has far reaching effects. Running for the second term, with little or no success story to claim – Brand Obama needed a jolt, to revive ‘Yes we Can!’  Passion. Costing over 1.3 Trillion USD for ten years now, with Pakistan feeding on American Aid, there should be a way to end all this in style and dignity – save money, claim the honor, revive One America Spirit – get re-elected!  

With morphed (may be?)  Images as proof, DNA sample tested against a dying sister (No trace of her soon?) and burial by the Sea (Nail any possible evidence?) – scripted perfectly and Director Obama charms us all! Yes he can!
This post and the transcript is a work of fiction. If the content, despite being fictional, proves to be a little offensive to few parties; I apologize for hurting your sentiments in advance. After all, it is works of fiction so do not take it seriously.