Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Death March

The expectation and thrill of the 'instant attention' drives anxieties for an 'instant gratification' culture. When it is necessary to use our moral education, to judge and act; most of us are happy to go with the flow rather. There is a necessary check that one should not skip: give yourself a minute before you commit yourself to act on some thought, or emotion. Because, when one is associated with an action, she/he invariably rubs off its effects onto others in her/his life. We do a fair bit of intellectual jugglery about (wo)man as both aggressor and victim. We have a moral consensus on the essentially scandalous nature of our actions by force or choice (intent). Yet in our desire to seek social consensus, we act beyond what our morals preach and live a life of duality.  And pacify ourselves citing it as a reason for aesthetic consensus, allowing this strange contradiction to be glossed over in - and as - cultural migration, freedom of personal choice and being an independent wo(man).

Let divinity bless us with brains, to save ourselves and live with dignity.

@ Innsbruck  2011