Monday, April 25, 2011

Kick Off: SimplyJITH Longitude


From the Garage of SimplyJITH comes a new initiative, SimplyJITH Longitude – A Research Study Initiative about Hispanic Immigrant Integration into Main Stream American Society. This initiative is led and driven by a group of SimplyJITH Subscribers based out of San Francisco Bay Area, CA – USA. In line with our belief to actively reach out to varied cross sections of society and engage with them on a more pro – active basis, SimplyJITH will support this initiative.

At present, a team of 5 are associated with this initiative on a pro-bono basis. I believe this initiative will be pursued with belief, focus, and in complete honesty.  The initiative deals with a theoretical approach to the scenario and related implications. If you are interested to learn more about initiative or opportunities with SimplyJITH Longitude, please feel free to drop an email at

Subscribers and members of target group are invited to share their experiences and suggestions through above mentioned email address.

Warm regards,
Abhijith Jayanthi

Signed: Kick-Off Day  
Place:  InterContinental Mark Hopkins, SFO – CA