Friday, July 02, 2010

My Betraying Sweetheart....

As environments increasingly become complicated  for interaction, people characteristically take on the features of written forms of expression. Although ideas and arguments are being presented in written form, the life takes on a weird tone quite different from that of traditional forms of expression of love.  While this happens to be the trend these days, few amongst us stand as an example  for souls blessed with little or no character. Perception and respect for emotions are necessary ingredients which happen to be missing in relations these days. 

To use and play with emotions of someone, to lie and betray are considered evidence  for lack of  critical reasoning about self, and  little or no  intellectual growth and thoughtful contribution to self development. 

Discipline and respect for emotions and others in our lives, can effectively help us grow stronger as a being   and communicate our emotions in a better way,  even if we are to subscribe to non traditional ways.
As online interaction becomes more widely used these days, and as more people of all age levels participate in electronic discourse, it is important for us to consider how to respond  and cater to emotional conversations rather than lie and betray people in our lives. In addition to examining our self, and perhaps more importantly, we need to understand how these changing conventions may be contributing to the construction of  our personal lives these days, and more so, why we are turning  to  lies, and betrayal needs to be understood.  Let us respect emotions, people in our lives. What we are today, will pave way for our future.