Sunday, January 06, 2008

Conflict : Mind Vs Soul

Life goes a complete circle making us fathom the power of emotions. Indeed, it is tough to acknowledge that realisation visits us after the action is already out there.

No wonder ' When Harry met Sally ' was great hit. It speaks of how experiences are beyond imagination ( read Human Comprehension) and archiving of memories and experiences doesnt help In that story Sally and Harry share a plane flight. Sally is in a relationship with Joe , while Harry is about to get married to Helen .Harry explains why men and women can't be friends, even if they're in a relationship with other people. They part ways again once the flight is over.
Is it the convention that Soul and Mind play opponents so that things happen in life , or is it simple coincidence. Pleasant are memories which never existed or rather they never are owned by one being. Is it a trade-off between the memories and happiness that bothers the human heart?

Love, Hatred, Friendship, Enemity, Strangers ... Everyone seems to be related and we indeed exist in a small world both physically and metaphorically. Living is a constant struggle to arrive at a compromise between the desires of the mind and values of the soul. In the triangle of Mind-Heart-Soul, this compromise plays on the heart and so on emotions.

Isnt there a way to win over yourself? People misinterpret that satisfaction is winning over one's heart but seldom do they know that it is about a successful compromise that defines satisfaction than understanding of the heart.

Fate, Destiny .. we can name a battery of words which are supernatural and are not within our reach of understanding. As Paulo Coelho puts it,"Fate is only the wind that drives your ship, it is you, who sets the sails of the ships and steer it along." . I trust it is our actions to arrive at the compromise that defines the direction of the sails and fate only fuels it.

I guess corrections, excuses are only a part of this drill to notice the right direction. Seldom do we find a pure existence and no one is any different. Varied Sizes of the fingers serve a purpose, so do these inflictions on the soul... Sorry I feel is not only a convention to speak of ending with a full stop, but also to look beyond to understand and channelise the sails of our ship!

No wonder, knowledge of the destination makes the ride boring and every experience forms a part of the adventure called life. Its about adjusting the weights for your mind and soul rather than changing the parameters in the compromise.

Excuse us all God!