Thursday, January 10, 2008

Turbulence of Silence

This January was a turbulent month, not that I strongly believe in Dr. Bejan Daruwalla but most of what he has predicted or rather anticipated would happen, did come true. As always ( I don't know why I explain what I expect of any post), I am pretty sure that this post may have nothing which you can connect with, but I am sure you might at least spend some time pondering and that may be all that this reading might offer, but it is no modest aspiration to say so..

This month was a ride through the lanes and streets of the weird city of silence. Silence in abundance is tranquility. Tranquility helps us reach to that point within ourselves that we tend to connect with the free energy of the universe. Penance is probably one of the spin-offs of this ride. Critically, if I need to analyze how this ride brought with it an enriching experience then I need to put it as how it acts as an emotional drain. It fixes the fountain and then it drains us off the emotional slack helping us reinvent ourselves. So, this post is dedicated to my experiences with silence .. Thank you !