Thursday, January 10, 2008


Ignorance is not a fault. But the only problem is when people read it as arrogance. Elements of stupidity exist in everyone of us. But you never know when they attain the stature of main stream behavior. Life and human emotions, I guess one can never get enough of, we set out thinking to dictate terms to life but end up following rules set by it!

"Are you actually buying into this harebrained idea? If so, let saner minds prevail yours. Step back from the situation and listen to your instinct. Is this really a good idea? Your intellect will tell you otherwise. Heed the warning.."

Thinking beyond reason is also an issue which i was confronted with. Words.. simple words have deep impact, taking you beyond the boundary of reason and logical chronology of events. Every value, moral definitions are relative and you tend to understand the subtle difference only when you face situations which I guess are beyond any description and human comprehension.

I am not speaking of a challenge but a struggle of Self Vs Self which I am sure most of us have had experience of, albeit without comparison or similarities. It needs a different mood to understand that you are loser and you yourself are the winner too. Personality is probably a rainbow of shades and you never know what shade your personality is projecting today.

To sum it up, I guess this post has no relative significance (not that most of the others had any profound influence on the readers except for few) to anyone except me and it stands a testimonial for yet another night which I cant forget...
P.S: I dont know why that paragraph alone is marked in violet..