Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Human Integrity Vs Thinking

Ever wondered what did you get out of your life? What this life is all about? Did you ever wonder why everything is happening only to you rather than how to tackle them? Well I did and I would like to put my experiences before you so that you can appreciate these thoughts.

When I was a small kid I had this weird doubt of how we feel, how we reciprocate and communicate using emotions, is there something within us which makes us feel the way we do? I use to wonder whatever had happened had any bearing on what is happening and what will be happening in the days to come? I felt there is a person within every one of us who is trying to reach out. I felt there is something which makes everyone responds to the basic feelings of living beings.

Initially I didn’t respect the value attached with such ideas, but slowly as I started investigating my own self, I happen to meet a person within my own self who had a different perspective on every issue that bothered me. This made me think about others, are they facing the same situation, I wanted to enquire but then I was small so no one seemed to be interested in what I said.

But then I always wanted to know how this thinking helps in human integrity? Perhaps you might be wondering what I mean by integrity? Well I would appreciate such a thought because I feel it is the starting of this new dimension where you get to meet the unknown in a known frame. Human integrity is something which makes us different from one another. The ability to communicate what you think, ability to converse, and ability to be part of various activities is not integrity, integrity is something which is associated with the feeling 'How well do I know myself?' Did you ever ask yourself that question? If no, ask it now and if yes what was the reply that you have got?

From what I have gathered, I would like to admit I have seen many people having conflict with their own self, they seem to be different, behave differently than what they actually like to be. Emotions have an intricate role to play to bring out the person within us. Ever tried to interpret human emotions?

The conflict between what you think, what you feel seems to grow day by day. Our moves are instrumental in molding our thoughts but are we doing the right thing? Perhaps you might brush this aside saying that they are nature's rhapsodies but then why don’t we make a sincere effort in understanding what we really are? Instead of being confused about things what can’t we be certain about what we do, what we think, why can’t we understand the person within our own self. Everything seems to be within us, even then we are unable to find answers for many questions we have.

Life is something which I seem one can never understand, we set out thinking about dictating terms to life but end up following rules set by it, why don’t we put an effort to understand ourselves instead of giving life a try?