Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Dream - A Strange One

Whatever we do, whatever we think about the whole day seems to influence what we dream about. Perhaps you might agree with me on that. Before I proceed I would like to know whether you believe in interpreting a dream.

Well, that day me and few of my friends were talking about how hypocritical this society has become? This discussion had an impact on me and I had a dream which really changed my outlook towards life. I shall describe my dream to the detail possible.

It was a chilly night; the scene was set in a garden in town. I noticed a man in his later 60's strolling down a badly lit pathway and he reclined on a bench which was unattended to for many years. I saw his grin face which had few wrinkles and it appeared to me that the man was thinking about something. Before I could figure out anything more, I noticed a procession moving across the pathway in front of the bench. It was a procession of a dead man. The man on the bench shifted his attention from blades of grass near his feet to the procession moving before him. I saw a twinkle in his eyes and sadness dawned on him suddenly. Perhaps he knew that man and was really close to him. He started to recollect what had happened in the past.

The man who was dead was a pious man, who helped the town in many ways; he was instrumental in putting many innovative ideas into practice. He was the sole earner for his family of 2 brothers and a sister and their children. But after hearing to this I could not digest the fact that his final walk was not attended to by any of his siblings whom he protected and helped. The corpse was moved away by few people, the man on the bench started to move towards the place where the man who died had lived.

There I could see nothing but few people fighting among themselves. It was a quarrel over possession of property which belonged to the man who died. It made me think how selfish are people becoming, how they are putting property and money at a higher value than life. Jealousy, hatred, inferiority / superiority complexes I felt are the feelings which the people have. The man had tears in his eyes thinking about what was happening at that place, he felt bad about how people have become so self centered that they have nothing for others, they care nothing for others. He walked back to the bench thinking about the help rendered by the man who died to others.

He helped many people in time of need, he was passionate about town and helped in making it a better place but he felt no one seems to recognize the contributions of such a man. He became cynical and started questioning himself what had he done in life? What made him do that? These thoughts influenced the man to change his approach towards life. But the very thought made him cry. I could not understand why he was crying. After few minutes he wiped his tears and walked back the way he came and disappeared in the dark.

After few moments of quizzing myself I came to know that he was none other than the man who died and he was analyzing his life. These thoughts disturbed my sleep and I woke up to notice how life seems to move on without recognizing the contributions of many such people.