Tuesday, June 29, 2010

I Vs Me...

Dear Dad,

I wish to record one of my empirical observations today. My experiences tend to align with the thought that divinity seeks democracy in regard to choices we make. I have observed that religious people are more democratic in regard to options they are presented with and choices they make. They associate an element of control with a superior power in regard to how a decision swings their chances of success. 

It is important to notice the new theological thought which is observed these days. It is a blend of classical Christian thought of  righteous living with a self styled approach about morality. People hardly give any thought to the building of character, rather subscribe to an eroding school of value education. 

I learnt that our innate ability to seek purity in our thought will help us look upon the invisible elements of  nature as though they were clearly perceptible to our senses, making us more receptive to human suffering, giving us strength to walk the path of respecting human emotions.

According to Hindu philosophy of karma, we are to enjoy the positive and negative reflections of our deeds, and that each action of ours and its reflection will  get accrued. Today, we are enjoying/suffering from the reflections of our deeds from the past, and what we choose to do during our life, will cast its reflection on our future and beyond. There are numerous threads of religious beliefs, and each of us have our unique thread to tag. I have chosen my thread.

Our deeds might be short lived, but their reflections will stay forever and shall tell the tale of our character...

Allah Hafiz!
Abhijith Jayanthi 
Feb 2010